I called the president to a duel on the tennis court

"Lim" in 1947, congratulating "Zvezda" of the 30th anniversary, says: "On the pages of the newspaper for the first time were written by such notable kalyaktyvnyya works as" Letter Belarusian people Stalin majestic "," Twelve Songs "," Motherland and the leader, "the best published works of folk poets Belarus Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas, the works of many other writers of our dedicated glorify the greatness of our era, a wise and excellent bolshavitskay party leader of the peoples, the creator of the Belarusian country — Comrade Stalin. "
"The Banner of Youth", year 1987. Pavel Yakubovich Janka Bryl writes: "When you read his" Word Search ", then you feel small and scattered in front of the world is not small, which invites writer. And sometimes it seems: what special — in a few lines describes the history of Basil and Mary, "the villagers-adnavyakovtsav" Bryl. But not a story! Life itself! And become the best, and kinder, when again and again reread thumbnail (and it only has 10 rows) and think about it — what a normal and difficult this world, in which there is a place and thunderstorms, and greenish blade of grass, and the birds play and hard earing " .
From the pages of "name" South American environmental scientist, hereditary Belarusian Petsevich Joseph, a member of the Second Congress of Belarusians of the World, speaks about meeting with President Alexander Lukashenko: "Belarus be free and be independent. Though what coming to the Belarusian culture Byelorussian, Belarusians themselves, I think a personal insult, as that Belarusians officially live under the flag of the beloved people who wish to Assisted modern Belarusian government. Expressing all of this, I called the president to a duel on the tennis court. "

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