I. Lavrovskaya: Go sweep everything that makes our country a distinctive

Znatkevich: Last week, the Supreme Tribunal dismissed the appeal of your organization. I recall in April Brest Regional Tribunal eliminated "old city", describing it as a destructive organization. What, in your opinion, the authorities prevented the organization?
Lavrovskaya: Our organization has long prevented the authorities — and hampered only by the fact that we were engaged in the preservation of culture and heritage, the preservation of a distinctive parts of our town. We are engaged in the preservation of our unique culture, and it became a "bone in the throat" for the authorities. Our organization was 15 years and during this time we have managed to do almost everything. We achieved what we planned to do in the early 90’s. Together we were going back in the late ’80s, zaregat in municipal structures in ’92. So these 15, you can add two more years — you realize that it’s pretty great time for a public organization.
Znatkevich: You state that two years acted without registering in the late 80’s — early 90’s. Or try at the moment to act without registering?
Lavrovskaya: As you know, at the moment other laws, and any such activity provides some responsibility. Because you can hardly act as an organization without registration. But we are already friends agreed that all the papers that we have accumulated — I mean paper of our ships — we pass in the UN and cherish the hope that there will be considered our complaint. In addition, we reserve the entire archive of all agenda and newspaper cutting and pinning hopes when our state is another situation where the right to be above all, we will restore its own legal status.
Znatkevich: Currently in Grodno public protests against the destruction of monuments in the center of town. That Tuesday, the regular detention — now arranged for the youth performance. In the past month in Mogilev were also protests because at Site of ancient castle resumed construction of an Orthodox church, and for all that it is not agreed with the archaeologists. In general protests against the destruction of historic buildings in Belarus in the near future where there were many. In your opinion, can be» about whether an association of people that are concerned about this problem?

Ira Lavrovskaya: "What is being done in Belarus — is practically stripping all that is our since time immemorial, it has its particularity, its features, its silhouette that makes our country a distinctive"

Lavrovskaya: I think it’s long overdue. This is a very painful problem. Our city where I was born and live, was destroyed in the nineteenth century, and this is not a lot of people know. What is now being done in Belarus — is practically stripping all that is our from time immemorial, that has its particularity, its features, its silhouette that makes our country a distinctive. Unfortunately, the people who make decisions on restructuring or demolition, they do not realize that they are destroying that for us, and for them is very valuable. As for those people who are already hurting — people responsible who think public, think about the future of Belarus. And such people need to be together. I think that their voice should be more decisive. One by one we just press down and excluded from the role in the daily life of the country. It is everywhere — any of us who are hurt, expelled from this life. I think that if I had the opportunity to unite» all about, we would have gained better results would be suspended and the violence that is now committed over our heritage.
Znatkevich: And in general, you, the inhabitants of the town, there are contacts, for example, with Grodno or other, there is mutual assistance?
Lavrovskaya: Was such an initiative — our young people going to go to Grodno and Grodno present their vision of what will happen to Grodno, if not suspend liquidation. At Brest here — its a sad story, when just like that ruin our city. Therefore take this opportunity to express my solidarity. If you want to sign something or stand shoulder to shoulder — I’m ready. And all my friends are also ready.
Znatkevich: Ira, July 3 in Belarus — Council prazdnichek, Republic day. You own this prazdnichek mark?
Lavrovskaya: I note Independence day March 25, as it was in history. As for the current prazdnichka, for me it is funny day of liberation of Minsk. July 27 Brest will celebrate a day of liberation for us and always gets such a question: how, Belarus has already released, but we? July 27 is just the same as the old days, when adopted the Declaration of Independence. I think if we got at least a day or earlier (I’m not talking about March 25, I dream about it) and noted his entire state, it would be a real and understandable. So today prazdnichek for me — just a reminder that my ancestors were veterans of the second world war, and I look at the pain of those veterans who use power.
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