Illegal trade in Minsk

Older ladies are holding lingerie odezhku or kitchenware. Wary eye, the willingness to suddenly remember every moment from their seats. That’s the usual portrait of modern street merchants, which can be meet in transitions nearby markets, shops and stalls.
Reporter: "A number of grandmothers, aunts in moving near one of Minsk markets. You can purchase linen, kitchenware … How much is the shirt? "
Grandma: "13 thousand. The store is the worst with a small sleeve shirt — 28 thousand. "
Reporter: "Grandma, together with other caught and moved sharply. They saw a police patrol. "
Traders rally, and have their warning system
Only at first glance looks natural street trading. Usually traders are rallying and have their warning system. Policemen know everyone in person, but to visit the people in the form of traders are always prepared:
Traders: "And the police, and every shit rides: and tax, and the watchman of the market … We are talking, they say, but for you it? And he says that this is his territory, his wages that curse on him that we stand here. "
Reporter: "But do not fine?"
Traders: "Different … How you will get. "
Why are most of ganlyarak retirement age and not fear prosecution?
Old woman: "Today went [the police]. Behold the — grandmother … So what? The president even forbade such carry [in office]. "
"The president rebuked the elderly to carry to office"
This grandmother trades socks and stockings in the center of Minsk — Nyamiha Street.
Elsewhere buy One of the most Hot products — cowards who stand against three thousand four and a half in the store:
Merchant: "Maytochki great worn excellent …"
Second vendor: "Well, not all daragusha …"
Vendor (for a man): "Sasha, let XL-ku me."
Ladies keep for yourself if only standards, but not the main game product
Husky of the sovereign at one point appears with a set of product. Ladies themselves when to keep yourself only standards, but not the main party product. In the case of detention and seizure of death for the budget will be small. A voc socks half thousand per couple. Ask whose creation:
Old woman: "Give me just as helping grandmother. Utter size … Here the girl at the kiosk works — took four times. Before says socks are great!"
Those who give socks to implement grandmother calls. Ask about profit:
Old woman: "I go out for a day 2-3, on the strength of five thousand. A pension 204 thousand — kolkhoz pension."

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