Imperialism duzheyshago people wakes sense of mastery over other civilizations …

On the pages of "babel" in 1917 Ivan Myaleshka speculate about imperialism: "We gasudarstvah with roznaplyamennym population imperialism duzheyshago people wakes sense of mastery over other civilizations, the feeling that he is one — to the sovereign power, power — it is his property, his house, in which he only tolerates other natsyonalnastsi and tye should forget about their own needs, to renounce the idea of freedom and the right to serve "derzhavnay civilization."
"Krasnoarmejsky truth", year 1927. The newspaper reported: "We have not enough people know the habit that exists in North America and more distributed in other statesah — chewing gum special just for example, as vserasprostranennaya tobacco smoking habit … Rubber gum, indeed, promotes chewing muscles in the other, its usefulness over incomprehensible, and talk about her body need to relate to the field of marketing fabrications. "
"Russian Belarus" in 1947, publishes materials party meeting on the work in the western regions of the Byelorussian SSR, "Chairman of the Council of Ministers P.Ponomarenko:" The population of Western Byelorussia only recently been merged with the whole Belarus and attached to the socialist construction.
It has not passed such Bolshevik school education, as the population of all regions in the years of revolution and war, civilian, in the period of socialist construction … In such circumstances requires daring intensification of the struggle with aggressive elements, exposure and elimination of the kulaks, the Polish-Belarusian-German and German nationalists. "

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