In an Italian family Giusto-born offspring Bornachin Emmanuel

Pupil Vileika boarding Vika Moroz times came on vacation to the family of Cogoleto. Last summer, the couple decided to home not to give back the orphan in a boarding school and 20 days hid 10-year-old girlfriend in the Alps. Spouses of Cogoleto claimed that the girl was the victim of physical violence and sexy at home.
After last year Belarusian authorities in custody arranged Vick family Zhodino Vassilievo. Together with devchenkoy brought up in the family and her older brother.
Under Belarusian law, orphans, arranged in a single family together with brothers and sisters, are not subject to the internationalist adoption.

Family Giusto — Bornachin unwilling to renounce from his own daughter, 14.06.2007 Family Giusto and Bornachin expects offspring and as before fights for daughter, 16.03.2007

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