In Belarus, much more expensive vodka

In Russian Belarusians time used 6 liters. alcohol per capita, and at the moment — 11.5 liters per person, subject to the kids. Global Health Organization considers critical to the country’s number 5 l. person.
Once again, the government has decided to fight against this evil. Will be revised excise rates for 2009 in the direction of growth. Excise rates and the price of drinks strength to reach over 28 degrees, it is intended to link with wage growth, inflation and increased purchase prices for grain. The Government believes that, if strong drinks are not a cheap, people immediately begin to drink less. Economist Sergei Balykin expressed such a world:
"Belarusian people will drink or some substitute, or just do the vodka at home criteria. This is was more 20 years ago, when the emperor Gorbachev raised prices for vodka, and what came of it, we all know very well. "
At the moment, prices for vodka and approximately similar in adjacent Ukraine and Russia. As to the proposals of the Belarusian government to significantly increase the cost of strong drinks, the economist Mike Zaleski evaluates them as follows:
"Nasty very news. There are two methods of fighting evil: withdo itt sin and publicly controlled or drive it underground and enrich those who will covertly trade moonshine who will sell the wiper or meth or other substitutes alcoholics. We obtain likely different situation. Since there is not wanting to do business seriously. A stern approach is to have both Russian and imported from other countries products of the highest property. "
State applets foreseen to increase the output sadavinava berry natural wines, fortified wines improved properties with a cheap wine vytsesnits low species so called ink, tangle-legs. With respect of imported drinks, high-quality wines Vinogradov, already almost half felt their disadvantage.
"It seems that it is profitable to the state, as it destroys its own rivals, is in 1-x, — says economist Sergei Balykin. — A in-2, it gets quite a lot of money through indirect taxes. And to get high-quality French , Italian, Californian wine readily available prices in our country unreal. "Tags: prices, increasing, alcohol, fighting, drunkenness, with

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