In Belarus, there is nothing to fail

Affect whether the global monetary crisis Belarus? PhD, an expert on the global economy Alexander Luchenok expressed such a world:
"I think not. Since we are weakly tied to world markets. Well, Russian road, and there it acts first on the stock market in the course of their currency acts as must support the stock market. And we have the stock market is underdeveloped, there is nothing to fall apart, there is nothing to be in decline. "
Independent expert Dmitry Babicki believes that a particular effect which affect the Belarusian society, on the economy, will not, because the stock market in Belarus is missing:
"There are almost those shares which may fall in value, with these problems not. The only thing that can be prepyadstviya is that this situation will lead to a slowdown in economic growth, and thus may occur fall in oil prices. Belarus it faster minus than a plus since we earn a lot of money on refining. The less it costs, the less is the margin that remains in our economy.
Dr. Department of World Economy of the Belarusian Institute of municipal economic Galina Shmargovskaya implies:
"In 1998 was Asian monetary crisis that struck the Russian Federation and the rebound came to us. In 1980 monetary crisis was in Mexico, he rapped on such a prosperous country like the U.S., because everything is interconnected — between them was significant bargaining. I do not want to say it directly banging on our economy, but all countries linked one way or another. "
Former chairman of the State Bank of Belarus, Doctor Stanislav Bogdanovich the question affect global monetary crisis on the Belarusian economy, replied:
"I think not. We have no stock market did not affect this global crisis, including and the Russian crisis. There may be some small personal tasks anyone. But in general we have not developed this system. We have only the banking system, monetary system, there is essentially no. Because we have this crisis will pass. We can even win than either: for example, inexpensive, cheaply in Russia to buy any assets. But, I think, and it will not be because we have not a lot of money. "Tags: crisis, market, stock

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