In Dresden action starts dedicated Belarus and Belarusians

The main organizer of the typical vernisazhu "In Focus — Belarus" became the Dresden association "Bridges in Eastern Europe." From August 14 to September 6, it will present the German audience a series of cultural events.
Andrei Liankevich, whose exhibition now opens the project, believes that if, contrary to the classics of beauty still not be able to save the world, the art of understanding exactly help people. Those between European citizens. The exhibition is located in the 3 halls socio-cultural center "Risa", the 1st of the German organizers, and is divided into certain subjects aimed at halls:
"In the first room, relatively speaking, are those photos that reflect our Russian heritage. Tu reality in which we live, but often do not realize that she — Russian. Stereotypes This hereditary, but in the context of modern and current. Our aura our view of the world — what we want or do not want to look, but look. This portraits TV president is meeting BRYU is a person who plays the accordion, travel on the subway in the latest day of opening the station. "
Second room dedicated avtentytsy Belarus — cultural village stream.
"For me, to be honest, there is no urban culture in Belarus, — says Andrey Liankevich. — Everything that is real, not artificial, it comes from the village: someone comes to live in the city and brings with him a culture. ‘Cause here here presented in the kinds of real Belarus — that is, was and will be built in the future. "
The third room of the exhibition is a narrow topic — such as "Unbelievable":
"Slightly different look that is. Around 10 fighter, which move on the truck in the winter. Small kids who play with real Kalashnikovs. This pictures underground cinema — has such character Kefir, which reducesmall that-then including for "novelties". Photos here, where one way or another power is nonsense — such "atypical" surveillance state. "
The aim of the exhibition, as stated created for you to explain about Belarus that it is not necessary to explain, but rather to behold: images give each viewer location for the output.
"Who knows — jokingly saw Andrew — maybe realizing better Belarusians, Germans, even the question of visa relations between our countries make out differently? "

Photo exhibition familiarity with Belarus is completed. August 27, all are invited to the reading of "Literature young — Belarusians of Belarus." There will be the works of Arthur culturologist Wedge also journalists Hope spoon Heike Zabieloy yes Inga Petz.
August 30 concert scheduled symbolic title "53! Day of birth for without Lukashenko. "During the concert offers a disco and staging puppet theater" History Luke Schenk who wished be crocodile "in the performance of German actors.
The project also German documentary Sebastyan Gayntsel presents its own film about Belarus "89 mm — life in Europe’s last dictatorship". Documentary work is devoted to the life of Belarusians 6, each of which have different understandings of the Belarusian reality and their own future.

"He has a female name" — photo exhibition, 16.02.2007
In Prague, the photo exhibition about events of March 2006 in Belarus, 19.03.2007

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