In Germany, an act of Gazprom is considered in the context of trust in the Russian Federation

Coordinator of the Energy Policy of the Free Democratic Party faction in the German Bundestag Gudrun cop said that new approaches to "Gazprom" to Belarus should be considered in the context of the upcoming confidence in Germany and the Euro Union to the Russian Federation as an economic partner.
By Gudrun cop "theme suddenly reliability Russian fuel deliveries again became the order of the Days", and it said the deputy, "shows a certain nedeyazdolnasts Chancellor Angela Merkel."
"Bundeskatsler should bother about, that the economy, security of supply and environmental safety are equally regarded as fundamental components of energy policy," — said Gudrun cop.
Recently the responsible representative of the German government’s Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Joachim Vyurmeling Berlin expressed concern in connection with the dangers of "Gazprom" to reduce gas supplies to Belarus. Secretary of State called on both sides — the country of delivery and transit country — to justice.
Meanwhile dyarzhministar German Foreign Office Gernot Erler in this interview "Berliner Zeitung" said another fuel conflict between Moscow and Minsk did not threaten the supply of Russian gas to Germany, because during the German presidency of the European Union signed a corresponding agreement with Moscow.
Asked how seriously need to treat signals Lukashenko about rapprochement with the West during the Russian-Belarusian conflict, Gernot Erler said:
"The isolation of Belarus is dependent on the policy of the Belarusian regime. We very much look right for change. But before This time it all happened as they say, verbally. There is a decisive fact what’s happening on Actually. As before, there are very serious difficulties, for example, with the opposition. "

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