In Grodno monument put the royal botanist

The monument is located at the entrance to the park of culture named Zhiliber. He himself in the late 18th century, founded on this site botanical garden. Monument placed between with 2 stone buildings erected Tyzengauz — lyamusu in which presently restaurant and theater, which is preserved in the reconstructed shape. Deeper into the park also preserved two-storey stone building of the former Academy of honey.
On the scene, our correspondent met the creator of the monument — architect Vladimir Panteleeva. He said that he was satisfied that the work eventually delivered, but very tired. By him, passers-by have wondered who it was — Suvorov or maybe even Peter I? Another passerby was more familiar stories in Grodno and asked it sometimes Prince Davyd Grodno …
Vladimir Panteleev said that the official opening of the monument will be held on July 3.
The monument is made, it remains only to pour water bridge that replaces the pedestal to get a better entrenched cement

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