In Grodno people just get used to sort garbage

Head of waste in the Grodno region began seven years ago Lida. Specifically, there appeared three separate containers: for plastic, glass and other types of waste.
Now as stated Kazimir Bantsevich, similar practices adhere to all regional centers. Once a year in the field such makarom collected and sent to processors above 240 tons of paper, 100 tons of narrow metal, about 600 tons of the polymer (in primarily PET bottle), and about 15 tonnes of glass.
Head of the municipal department of Housing area Jora Yarotskiy states that recycled materials are required to collect more. To do this, the area created by a network of organizations that are engaged in its collection.
"There is even a highly developed network of personal business, which for some reason more interested in PET bottle. Operate such entrepreneurs in Karelichy in Navagrudak."
But if the return to the three tanks, they are often ignored by urban dwellers is trivial.
Kazimir Bantsevich states that the government corrects this situation. In the system there is a setting for Housing recycling and waste:
"And we have everything that a person negligently tossed adsartyrovvaem, then compressed and direct processors."
I asked the head of the municipal department or profitable to collect and recycled section:
"In fact this event until a loss as prices, are presently have secondary raw materials, do not allow it profitable. For this it is necessary to operate bolshennymi volumes. "
How to encourage people to Grodno communal divide themselves waste? It turns out that such work is carried out in kindergartens and schools:
"For example, in Lida in kindergartens expose containers, children paint paper in different colors and throw in a variety of containers and such makarom trained to divide the waste. "
On the streets of Grodno I asked some students either they collected secondary raw materials, or, as usually it was — the trash? That’s what they answered me:
Young Man: "Yes, every year. I even ran into the newest school, and collect there."
Reporter: "And where do you collect it?"
Young Man: "At home, with friends, in other people’s apartments not stroll."
Girlfriend: "In two or three times a year to collect"
Reporter: "How do you encourage this?"
Girlfriend: "I remember the winners were given a few cakes to class."

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