In Minsk detained three YF

It is clear that some of them — Vladimir Sergeev, families still 2-detainees, one of whom is a minor, vysvyatlyayutstsa.
The guys hung a banner on a bridge over Nemiga — "With Days of birth, Dashkevich! ". Verbatim few seconds to them two police cars arrived and arrested all.
The police of the Central district of Minsk said that, if you do not have time to take the young men to the tribunal before the end of a day or, then two days before the Mon they spend in the clink Akrestsin Street.
• Participants of the rally of solidarity again move in Mogilev, 20.07.2007 • The leaders agreed to transfer the colony postcard Dmitry Dashkevich, 20.07.2007 • Glasses: rally participants detained, 20.07.2007 • Participants of the rally to congratulate Dmitry Dashkevich funny day of birth, 20.07.2007

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