In Moscow there was a Belarusian conductor

Newspaper "Morning-plus" publishes material "Alternative" nominated. " Activists Svetlogorsk city charity "Alternative" open offer on the basis of the district hospital consulting room for people living with HIV / SNID. Local bureaucrats approve the idea, but the management of the district health center argues that the existence of such office would be contrary to the legal and ethical standards. Doctors refer to the concept of "Dr. Enigma" on the relevant rules of the law, which provides for non-compliance even criminality. Availability of rooms for people living with HIV can reveal the secret of their disease and create unnecessary debate.
"Our word" byelorussization writes about public transport in Moscow: "Conductress city shuttle who walked along the main street of the town, with a youthful lady measured face, avoiding the aisle passengers read, providing ticket and change, not the usual" please ", and our native" if please "complementing the wish of Belarusian speech. Her words some passengers face brightened someone smile as they now rarely hear native, God endowed with speech."
According to "Ourhis wordsand "in Slutsk bus depot are generally peaceable Belarusian language. At present there is a substitution of signage at stops — 208 Belarusian-language signage will.
"Local Time" tells the story of the flood consequences nedavneshnego in Pinsk, which occurred as a result of strong long rains. Urban beach in Pinsk had to close: shower and dank night gutter can not cope with a huge amount of rain water because of sewage into the river were feces. I had to make quick action to cleanse Pina.
"Nasha Niva" publishes a report from a pilgrimage to Gudogaj Moms to Moms God. Veneration of relics happened last weekend. Earlier believers Ostrovetchiny leaves at Vilnius pilgrimage to Our Lady of Mercy Moms, but after the occurrence of the border have begun to pay more attention to local shrines and holds festivals. "The culmination of the festival was the coronation itself icons Moms Moms God Papal crown. Means Gold for Crown mestechkovtsy collected themselves, then made her Polish jeweler, and still later it consecrated Pope."

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