In Navagrudak also restoration, with the permission of the Ministry of Culture

Here, on the hill, on the famous legend, he was buried with a golden throne Mindovg. Part of the middle "woe Mindaugas" dug maybe find traces of known grave …
View from Mount Mindaugas on Parish Church and the ruins of the castle tower. Fifteen years backwards over it made an extension, not to destroy. With addition time there were no funds for the preservation and canopy itself under the influence of the rainy black. Incidentally, the Parish Church of the temple rebuilt beginning XIV, century, in which Jagiello married to Sophia Golshanskaya.
A group of young nuns sent to the church Parish Church.
From the hotel "Europe" remains a heap. In its place, a pit near a heap of bricks and stones of the ruined tower. Or working construction machinery not. Passport object indicates that it is "the reconstruction with the device for a hotel" Europe "with restaurant historical and cultural values XVIII-XIX centuries — buildings on vul.Zamkavay" (specified as the number of adjacent houses). Incidentally, Kamenica this was included in the "Code of monuments of Belarus." I had to visit her, she looked no worse than other inside an old house. By navagradtsav, once it was specifically the hotel "Europe". But here it is destroyed with the permission of the Ministry of Culture. Customer and contractor in one person is a capital company "Elvira."
Boris and Gleb Church, a monument of architecture XII-XVIII centuries. Temple retained elements of Gothic.
Example of an authentic restoration remains one Navagrudak House Museum of Adam Mickiewicz. Fulfilled its popular Polish company "Budimeks." In her government services do not come back.

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