In PAK DA laid a high potential global flexibility

In PAK DA laid a high potential global flexibility
In the article the editor of the magazine «Arms Export» Andrey Frolov «Strategist in the future», posted on August 24, «Independent Military Review», proposed the candidacy noteworthy development promising aviation complex Distant Aviation (PAK DA). At the same time, the article felt a certain underestimation Distant aviation as part of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) of.
Indeed, if we consider the main forms of implementation of the strategic nuclear forces inherent in the era of cool war, the role of aviation components of the strategic nuclear forces in the strategic triad was on the 3rd place. It was founded and quantitative traits and quality.
Stepdaughter in the nuclear triad
The aviation component of the SNF both Russia and the United States account for a smaller number of nuclear warheads. When the main form of the introduction of the strategic nuclear forces were conducting massive nuclear strikes in the form of counter-strike (nuclear to enemy action) or response (after a nuclear enemy action), the role of the air component was small. In retaliatory strike they could not accept the role on a temporary features to deliver nuclear warheads of targets.
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Contribution to the potential retaliation for minor (in comparison with the terrestrial and marine components) the number of charges and problematic overcoming enemy air defense was immaterial.
But in a ternary structure of SNF, based on the use of 3-spheres — land, air and aqua laid highest potential flexibility. Any component of the SNF has unique properties. And, it seems, in modern conditions prevailing after the war cool and inherent processes of globalization, decisive military role becomes particularly aviation component SNF. For terrestrial and marine components remains dominant political role, and military moves to the second plan, decreasing to a petty level.
Than justified such guesses?
Under the terms of the introduction of a major role in a preemptive strike opponent play ground-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). In retaliation criteria decisive role belonged to the marine component of the strategic nuclear forces (SSBNs). Their tenacity after nuclear impact is big. Both of these components of the strategic nuclear forces provide state of strategic stability for the foreseeable future. No missile defense system is not able to ensure the impunity of a nuclear first strike of the attacking side. But this is true only for the previously agreed the USSR and the United States the concept of strategic stability. Ability to deprive the enemy of the ability of application unpunished nuclear missile strike, of course, continues to play a huge role in ensuring nuclear deterrence. But the scenario of a nuclear war with the exchange of massive nuclear missile strikes can be considered consigned to the past.
The role of globalization in military affairs
Globalization has led to the fact that the widespread use of open and even ordinary armed forces clashed with the economic interests of those who have previously been interested and «paid» for the war. Maintaining the stability of the world economy turned into a general enthusiasm and countries, and that may be even more fundamentally, supranational economic and financial inter-ethnic structures.
As noted by Carl Clausewitz, «war — an act of violence aimed at forcing the enemy to fulfill our will.»
Globalization has become possible thanks to the development of global information systems, which immediately made the conditions for implementation of the thoughts of the ancient Chinese military theorist Sun Tzu, practically laid for six centuries before our era the idea of ​​psychic wars and the information counter in general.
In order to «compel the enemy to fulfill our will», there is no need to capture its locality, in the struggles to destroy its armed forces, destroy his country’s economy.
In the conditions of globalization not only nuclear weapon, and the whole military power of reincarnated potential warfare in the political potential power capabilities, promotional impose its own political will opponent.
Yet the use of military force is still very possible for conflict resolution, and the dream of world peace remains a utopia. The only question in the forms and criteria for the implementation of military force. As pointed out by the experience of recent decades, even the United States, while maintaining the position of the world’s favorite with the dominant military power, are obliged to find legitimate forms of its use, and in the near future to the same striving for visibility own presence on the sidelines. Particular attention in the U.S. to create application means global strike quite right corresponds to emerging trends of introduction of new forms of military force in modern conditions. Scenarios of today’s conflicts are viewed as an example nedavneshnih military conflicts. Their basic content about the following.
Conduct information operations in the interests destabilize the political situation in one way or another country, assistance, including special operations forces involving both proprietary and allies come to power «necessary» political forces. When failure «necessary» political forces to seize power by peaceful support the actions of armed opposition groups precision attacks on critical infrastructure. Commissioning groups Army’s ability to be excluded, but special operations forces can be used extensively to support the armed forces of the opposition.
U.S. global interests and their allies dictate the need for global power projection, and put to task because of the high-precision strikes on a global commonplace tool range. Application for these purposes of nuclear weapons for the application of such attacks is unlikely, but not excluded. Single group or a nuclear attack in the absence of the danger of escalating nuclear conflict can be considered as a last resort demonstrate resolve to use the entire arsenal of resources in favor of the imposition of the political management of the enemy’s own will.
Needless to say, for the application of such attacks less correctly used intercontinental missiles land or sea-based. ICBM — single use instrument. Saving their capacity in conflict — a powerful tool to counter the escalation of conflict and even less escalation of nuclear conflict. Application of MBR for single and group strikes in particular are also very safe, because it can provoke an opponent holding a massive retaliatory strike.
AVIATION Vorachivaetsya
The uniqueness of the air component of the strategic nuclear forces is precisely that the only aircraft carriers can also be applied to non-nuclear weapon strikes, and for nuclear strikes. Including many times as needed. It is also important that, in accordance with the contract on the START Now for each air carrier strategic focus is counted only one nuclear warhead. Because when resuming the TU-160, up to the official rank one nuclear warhead, the real number is 12 times larger (in the version equipping cruise missiles).
It seems that neither were unlikely interstate military conflicts (in the last decade is true tendency lowering the number of interstate conflicts by increasing the number of internal conflicts), but of all arms and services in the event of conflict, requiring destruction by fire, grow role starts getting aviation — and especially aviation distant radius acts. Specifically its potential in modern conflicts become more fit.
Proposals for the preservation and modernization of the fleet Distant aviation, including various modifications of the Tu-22, completely logical. Russian and South American aviation experience in operating such a class indicates that the potential for modernization likely to purchase in an old form of new properties of this technique is great. At the same
Tu-22managed to pass with the fathers, and kids in almost all aircraft usually families. Especially since the great range of modernization of the Tu-160.
Hence it does not follow that there is no need to continue work on a promising aviation complex Distant aviation. But the content of these works seem to focus on research-related issues with the puzzles, which should solve this complex. In this step, actively changed almost everything — and forms of warfare, and the selection of targets for destruction, destruction of targets and methods (for power supply facilities and control systems do not necessarily affect fire damage). Becoming more common drones, expanding the range of their destination and the probable introduction.
Hurry up with the new incarnation of the metal PAK DA makes no sense. I would like to draw attention to that question is not about a brand new plane, and about the complex. It is much more extensive concept. Including PAC should appear, to ensure control of the whole complex of funds, may be beyond the scope of resources was far aviation, and perhaps even beyond aviation in general, to be used in order to fulfill combat tasks. It is possible that the main problem of the creation of the PAK DA can not be the creation of a new set of aircraft carriers and complex heterogeneous systems management capabilities.

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