In Russia, have forgotten about the brotherhood of Slavs and can only count bucks

Since the beginning this year, after, Our homeland as a twofold increase Belarus its gas price, Belarusian debt to "Gazprom" amounted to about half a billion dollars.
During the past week the Belarusian bureaucrats at various levels were in Moscow and Minsk negotiations — that again delay payments and longer Mowgli is not paid back.
On the topic of the Belarusian-Russian contradictions — a significant part of the post of "Freedom."
Current conversation will start with letters on this topic, who sent us Oleg chanterelles from Lida.
"Our homeland in recent years utuchnel petrodollars, these means she does not know what to do. Russian billionaires shaking with unprecedented revenues, buying islands, yachts, seaside villas of the most expensive parts of the world …
And once Russian "Gazprom" stubbornly trying to tear from Belarus hapless 500 million dollars — a debt that was formed after the brash increasing gas prices.
So much for long friendship and brotherhood frontline. In the current Russian Slavs have forgotten about the brotherhood, can only count the bucks and not shed blood in war. So what are we friends?
Lukashenko right policies. Gas we should cost the same as in Russia. Paid 55 bucks — and will pay the same as a penny more. And there is nothing they will not do with us. Let consider debts account for the fine … All the same, these funds they never will wait. "
Just the gas valve overlap, the emperor chanterelles — because already done first, when Belarus ventured to act specifically on such tips as you express your.
Naturally, Our homeland is rich, and his wealth new Russian billionaires dispose from time to time in a special way. But envy the rich friend — not a reason in order to seek charity from him and force dependency continue that and it lasted more than a decade.
Like all other countries, Belarus will have to pay for the resources as much as they really are on the market. And sell their own products at fair market prices. Kinship and brotherhood frontline include accounting calculations because it matterselk in the last decade, in the coming already unlikely to succeed.
Created subsequent letters — Victor Baranov from Rahachou. Student its attitude to municipal media:
"Long-look our TV unreal: a minute or two have to turn off the telly. Propaganda solid ideological brainwashing yes. As in Russian, when fed into reality very embellished form. Endless praises of the regime and its achievements are annoying and angered.
Surprisingly, in our time, first XXI century was perhaps such as one person seized power in the country for an indefinitely long period of time. And the press never utter out loud that the lord — naked. It unanimously support the owner. And for over 10 years, we suffer because of their own stupidity and shortsightedness.
Khrushchev promised that once in 20 years to build communism. I feel that more than 20 years will remain in power, Lukashenko. But communism and we can not wait on him. How to live in poverty, and we will live. "
Absolutely dependent on the authorities and the press can not be different, sire Baranov. But no one can take away from the human right to read the newspaper or do not read, believe it or not believe, look or not to look at the telly …
A truthful information, in spite of all obstacles, people in Belarus, if desired, can still receive. Abilities for this now immeasurably more than what was behind a steel curtain Russian Union — although Lukashenko regime (often with good reason), and associated with the communist regime in the Soviet Union.
Our friend Constantine davneshny Syrel with Ushachi recently visited Minsk. Their impressions of the face of the capital and its inhabitants characters listener shared in a letter to "Freedom":
"The yard behind the store" Ocean "that at the crossroads Kozlov Street and Prospect. Consider the very center of the capital — quite near Victory Square. Between large trees — a poor excuse playground.
I play with my grandchildren, just watching what is happening around. In one of the sandboxes are sitting … No, not the kids — two boys. Between them can be seen bottle, some snack. A bit further — another company: young boy and a woman, these leisurely drink beer, smoke. Soon two guys rise up and go.
I went to the sandbox, there are two bottles of some mongrel swill that wags dubbed manufacturers cheeky wine. Near two empty packets of crisps under several cigarette butts. Soon sandbox takes another company.
30 meters from the sandbox — a dozen dumpsters. By tanks suitable bamzhavataga kind of guy, begins to delve into them, throwing out unnecessary for themselves at his feet. Soon he leaves, and after 10 minutes it takes place the same kind lady. Garbage garbage around more. "
Based on what he saw listener makes the following conclusions:
"Our capital, you’re in these butts look as if the Mona Lisa with a cigarette in the sponges!
Answer me, minchane who so zasmechvae city? Waged wars and aliens? Or, maybe a ruthless imperialists send fur with cigarette butts and other debris, and the opposition nights scatters them streets and avenues?
Neuzh it make you, the citizens of Minsk? Then do not forget: it’s not only your capital. This is my capital, the capital of my kids, my grandchildren. All these Stalin Empire and modern modernist luxury ice palaces and grandiose national libraries you have the price of desolation malehankih cities and towns like the one in where I live I.
You all — we do. We even sidewalks poor: they are made from the remnants of the dismantled haylage towers.
I appeal to you for the veteran, the dweller of Minsk. Maybe you rot in the front-line hospital next to my dad seriously wounded and threw out the bloody bandages of white fat worms. Maybe you fought the war together with my uncle Fedka — only my uncle, the only brother of my late mother, who has been missing since 40 5th.
You’re not afraid of the fascist "Tigers" and "Panthers" — so forced to eat a cigarette butt out of the big man who threw a cigarette butt on the sidewalk. Put all their merits, and together with brother Come, let sweep piece of pavement at the sight of the entire capital — let him bully yes such as he will burn with shame if they have even a shred of shame.
To appeal to you, my young friend of the Young. Organize with your friends share "Spotless Town". Clean your own yard, your street, your own main avenue — although its particle. Maybe looking at you, and all your zasmechvae my capital, ponder. "
These monitoring and annoying for many Belarusians, but just conclusion. In Minsk landscaping and maintaining the cleanliness of city streets recent years to invest more. These are cheap tools that are lacking in retirement, the maintenance of hospitals and schools.
But any investment in urban comfort and beauty are in vain if at the other end of the chain — the lack of consumer culture, hamavatasts and corruption of those who live in these streets.
And yes vshchuvanni persuasion is not posodeystvuyut. In almost all about unblemished and manicured campuses of the world (for example, in Singapore) for a cigarette butt thrown to the pavement seeking $ 500 fine. This was closely watching the police.
In Minsk, in the last decade, I have witnessed many times how militiaman lazily and fully flegmantichno watched intoxicated companies that litter and swearing in public places. If b punished for someone tossed a cigarette butt, I do not remember.
Although according to the article in the Administrative Code is. But for some reason, make heavy use of it only when the prey of public shares on opposition activists. And as the debris that litters urban environment in police reports in most cases portrayed leaflets found in the Young satchels.
At the end — a short letter, which
will leave without comment. Our friend Yuri Novitsky davneshny from Minsk recently changed the driver’s license. And claimed, that it issued in Belarusian. What came of it?
"It turned out that to give me, Belarusians, the certificate on the titular language of civilization, so that there — the first municipal language! -" You can not. "By the way, the native language I do not hear the traffic police: they are afraid of it, how the hell incense.
Politely inquired what this document allows to violate the Basic Law — the Constitution? Recalling the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on June 15 last year. What’s this? Suvorov or descendants populate not only the Ministry of Defense, and the Interior Ministry?
Had to abandon the unacceptable option and apply to the head of the traffic police, which, to his credit, lucky instantly agree about bukovkoy Act. However, to access documents in the native language, had to sacrifice another funny day working …
For their own means to the same patsyagaysya! If we finish this gibberish? And lose when our ministry illiterate parasites? "
Thank you, sire Novitsky, for you and everyone who found time for writing on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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