In Stolin be transparent ballot boxes

Slides. Journalist-independent publication unwillingly removed from the meeting in which participated pro-government candidate for the Mrs. Osmolovskaya
Grodno. Right "objectionable" challenger to an MP Sergei Kuzmenkov the speech defended ordinary voters
Stolin. Then the ballot box has been made transparent. But will the transparent ballot counting?


Gorki journalist Edward Brokarau complained to the police academy of agricultural pro-rector on educational work of Alexander Chachotkina. The one with the community against the commandant will pushed him out of the room, where she met with students parliamentary candidate Tatiana Osmolovskaya.
Edward Brokarau claims that the meeting was held in secret, illegally. Not counting the complaints to the police, together with independent journalist a candidate Andrei Yurkov appealed to the district and the central election commission — unregister Mrs. Osmolovskaya:
"She violated the election law was also violated the decision of the executive committee of the local meetings with voters. We do not think that the CEC or the district commission will remove government candidate. We look forward to resonance. We expect that people, those same students will see how behave as power and pro-government candidates behave and make certain conclusions, "- said Edward Brokarau.
Pro-rector on educational work Academy Alexander Chachotkin confirmed that conflict with Brokareva occurred and provoked him Tipo journalist himself, was not invited to the meeting. Confirmed sire Chachotkin and that at a meeting with students and was member of the House of Representatives Tatiana Osmolovskaya:

"The deputy asked if I could attend, to find out what the problem is now students have to move in, so that later their voice and see how they will be addressed to those who will be elected, and so on."
60 — specifically, in the midst of so many ladies 275 candidates to the House of Representatives. These numbers are named chairman of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina.
Favorite republican public association "Belarusian Women’s League" Nina Stuzhinskaya believes that gender balance in the designated no statistics:

"I think I’ll give so little (compared with the total figure) because these elections invalid.’ll Always have a more pragmatic approach, even to such political activities as elections. And because if the lady can not bring myself through the choices she and they will not go.
Elections are completely bad style: insincere, false. Some ladies already have a bad experience from such attempts. There are even some imprint of sacrifice — they lost almost everything in life — work, health, friends … Ladies are more sensitive. Because they did not go as candidates. "
And at the end of two more numbers — today in the House of Representatives of 110 members — 33 ladies
Independent candidate for the Grodno-Zanemanskaya environment Sergei Kuzmenok mainly of four competitors said Chairman Alexander Antonenko.

Not long ago, he fell into the hands of Veterans Appeal that campaign to vote for city mayor. Because sovereign Kuzmenok statements sent to the County Commission and the CEC.
Kuzmenok "Antonenko every day specially made meetings and in schools, and businesses. And when I go to meetings, I just do not allow. Before yesterday I was at a PTA meeting, and deputy director of the school with almost want to call the police. But I asked people: can I will speak? And the people I was allowed. truth, and the microphone was turned off, and did not allow to the podium, but the people supported me, and the meeting accomplished. This 31-th School ".

Electoral Code does not explain what material should be the ballot box. Document specifies only the size. Because the question on the ground decide Commission

Now passes for municipal media sensation that polling stations will be used Stolina transparent ballot boxes. Commented curator campaign in the region Alyaksandar Kaliada:
"The fact that the Electoral Code does not explain what material should be the ballot box. Document defines only the size. Because the question on the ground decide commission. And if often shout that we have transparent ballot boxes, they have created a transparent ballot boxes all sites in the Stolin. "
On the electoral terrain Stolin neighborhood number 16 over 60 thousand voters and services transparent box use only 20% of this amount. In-2 from the list of nominees surrounded by members of the PKB and thrown PBC also director of commercial companies. Assesses the situation one of the favorites Brest organization PKB Anatoly Novik:
"The result will still be that of which they zaplyanavali.Ya always offered a choice:" Let’s continue to control the thread through the bottom of the ballot box and aplyambuem. So makarom not be falsified with the ballot papers. So no, do not go for it. "

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