In that Rygorych fussing about the public interest, do not believe never

Man: "One student expressed the view that. If the opposition comes to power, the share the whole country, collapse. But I hunt to see if he moved his brains, the country has already broken. Broken long. Broken down into those who may be under the gun at any moment, and those who, like worms, rot should not clear where payadayuchy each other. Here on the need to pay attention to their, and not on what will happen when the opposition comes. Naturally, the opposition could break something, and maybe be useful. But then, that at the moment done, too, God forbid. "
Man: "I’m curious whether Lukashenko went to a home in the dugout, as he promised do back in winter on their own as energy conservation program there? "
Tatiana Barrel, Ossipovichi: "Good evening. At that Rygorych fussing about the public interest, do not believe ever. How bulldozers Kurapaty? March 25th 200-year? The liquidation whiteRussian language and abplyavany Bulls? Permission to live in Chernobyl areas? Russians sale of our plants (in our area such for three)? How! "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "I wish to ask the students who criticized the transfer of the Belarusian" Liberty, "maybe you have a special receiver? After all, I do not much steeper own, the same sounds or Russian pop Lukashenko speaks hoarsely same plate, like a spoiled gramophone. Tired already listening to this limited repertoire. Therefore I beg you, call directly and explain to the best radio station carefully on which it is possible to catch a wave. "

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