In the budget there were additional funds for propaganda

According to the Presidential Decree number 384, on an increase to the salary of employees of state chairman of the State Television and Radio Company may allocate up to 20% of the planned wage fund. And the same — to premiyavanne. So makarom, company’s budget may increase by 40%. Oh, so the essence of the Decree of the Chairman of the State Television explains Alexander Zimouski:
"The increase is not of mandatory payment. Upon specific advice I can control decide to increase wages by 20%. The increase may be constantly acting and may be a single. It is all about control. "
Reporter: "But this is a specific proposal for managing a particular person?"
Zimouski: "Not necessarily. Head Saw that someone works fine: times — good report, two — utility noted again, Radio Liberty quoted times … Of course, I say: it is necessary to encourage a person. Increase and increases it."
Alexander Zimouski assured that these increases will not apply municipal employees, referring himself (he also, Senator, Member of the Council of the Republic). Also sire Zimouski identified: this does not mean an automatic increase to all employees salaries by 40%. But two weeks back, the government decided, for 3-factor of broadcasters has been upgraded — 2.2 limit standard tariff rate of the first category. This means actual increase over twice the salaries of all employees. Given that the same wages for teachers and doctors, other workers do not increase economical sphere. Generally, wages in the country, as they say, frozen in all areas. Only promise to raise pensions to pensioners from September to 7%. But the numbers 7 and 40% — are not comparable.
Ex-Minister of Labor Alexander Sasnou states that all questions of increase in salaries, payments from the budget must be approved by the Council of Ministers, agreeing with the Parliament, Ministry of economy, labor and money:
"If someone needs to separately raise salaries in economical sphere, this issue should be considered by Parliament. Lukashenko And all these prerogatives pulled over — and now can do. This does not provide any billing. This voluntarism is allowed only to those who run the state. "The owner — a gentleman" — there is a saying. "
Last studio manager "Politics" BTRC Leonid Mindlin not surprised that the head of the country’s hard enough for Belarusian economic times decided to provoke particularly journalists municipal channels:
"Why electric media? Certainly, now is the most effective means of mass propaganda (not disk imaging, namely propaganda). I think, that the function of education most taciturn, protection function mode and the function of repression of dissidents municipal electric media are doing quite well. Because they have decided to stimulate. "

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