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Marika Martysevich: "MAGNUS DUKATUS POESIS — THIS IS NOT A PROJECT Commonwealth"
"Magnus Dukatus Poesis" — the so-called volume of selected poems of 13 poets 5 bordering countries. The book is a special report of the poetic festival, which was held last year in Minsk under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Belarus. Works of the festival written in the original and in translation into the languages of the creators of the other participating countries — Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. This thick volume published in Vilna with government support and with the entry of President Valdas Adamkus. From the very youngest participant of the festival, Belarusian poet and translator Marika Martysevich discusses our correspondent Valentina Aksak.
Valentine Aksak "Mrs. Marika, in the festival of poets whose land once part of the medieval Duchy of Lithuania country majestically participated Ukrainian Yuriy Andrukhovich, Cornelius Platelis Lithuanian, Russian Jora Efremov, Belarusian Andrei Hodanovich and other poets with well known outside of their own states. As for you feels in such harsh company? "
Marika Martysevich "Fact, that when you look at the list of creators, you feel differently than when uchastvuesh this. Since, for example, Ukrainian Yuriy Andrukhovich participated in the project only virtually. He is in the creators, but in the midst of people who it matterswhether it was not. Andrew Khadanovich — this is my very davneshny friend and teacher. In this anthology, he was, tell them so, a senior Belarusian contract, so I consulted around him. As for the Lithuanians, the oh so times Lithuanian poets seemed to me a very unusual combination of people. This once very great poets, poets euro level, so that, on the one hand focused on Europe, with very long, on the other hand — this is such a huge kids. These are people for whom poetry — this satisfaction, this is a game, exit the book — this event. That is exactly how Lithuanians took this project for me was very significant, as they were taught to just a different attitude to creativity. "
Aksak: "In this" VeKeeLavskay ", so to speak, of the book and you — the creator, which asuchasnila One of the most fascinating and mysterious personalities ON — Barbara Radziwill, Tipo wrote her poetry online diary, excerpts from which much is written here. Fascinating creative reception. Tell the details about it — why, how and for what? "
Martysevich: "This work for me — already passed step. And now Barbara — it’s such a heavy cross, since this text I was so used to it already and I tired a little, but he still gets up and stands up. And people who behold the it the first time, then, truly, he impresses them. I think that in principle it therefore fell into this analogy, it was very much alive to the subject of binding majestically Principality. Moreover, Barbara Radziwill — a figure that payadnovvae Belarusians Ukrainians and Lithuanians. "
Aksak: "You lot who translated for this festival and books. You also translated other festival participants. What do you translate? Are you always happy with how you translate? Or not lose a translation of the original elusive smell?"
Martysevich: "Surely, incorrectly state that for me unprincipled that I translated into other languages, because" Barbara Radziwill "has already appeared in five languages: in this anthology presents four and there are Slovak translation. But the fact that it turned out, if you translate yourself, then you’re very picky about for themselves, to their own work, you feel a huge responsibility to the original, but when you translate, it turns out that this patrabavalnasts understated. at least, I have, in other words if I see translations, I rejoice, rejoice.
However, it should be noted that the Polish and Ukrainian translators me luck. Regarding the translation of Lithuanian, then, unfortunately, I can not appreciate it because they do not understand the language. As for the Russian translation, which, incidentally, is able to assess and readers of this anthology, there is such a little secret: I did not want my name to be encountered in the signature, but anthologist issued this mystery. Translation authorized by half. I really just rewrote it as a Russian poet Jora Efremov, who translated, it is completely in the context of my "barbaryyanskih" pieces, and many things he just did not realize. Did not realize how wrong he did not realize the Belarusian language, and since he did not realize the context, and I had to set accents without the help of others, to correct something. "
Aksak: "I would like to return to the festival itself. Presentation of the book, and second, so to speak tour, festival« Magnus Dukatus Poesis "came back the week in Vilnius. A first round of the festival was last year at the Lithuanian Embassy in Minsk. In both cases, there was no celebration of extensive advertising, and their listenership was small enough. Such kamernasts either does not contradict your opinion, the global idea of the festival of poets — nastupnitsav former lands ON? "
Martysevich: "In my opinion, it does not contradict, it follows logically speak out because of the fact that this one project took this adventurous courage, with some courage so declared himself heir majestically Duchy of Lithuania. Contrary, this project is designed smallness on such mizhsaboynasts. elitarnastsyu not call it under any circumstances, but it is not the Commonwealth project.
First is to mean that the project is supported by the Lithuanian government. And this is no accident, since in my experience bureaucrats Lithuanian, Lithuanian diplomats — the most educated people of the bureaucracy itself, which I beheld in general of all states, which happened. And I believe that it is not diplomatic gestures, gestures and creative people who appreciate art and understand it. And what Petras Vaitiekūnas supported this project when he was ambassador in Minsk, is very revealing. After he opened the festival in Vilnius already as minister of foreign affairs. And the fact that this ontology specifically supported by the Lithuanian government, it is also very significant. "
Creators and works
Radim Gorki: "The Union of Belarusian Writers I came" to spite the arrogant neighbor "
"Works on gealegii academician Radim Goretskogo known in the world, he is one of the founders of the tectonic map of Eurasia, foreign member of the South American Union and geafizychnaga Russian Academy. Certain amount of species of fossil organisms naming naming him. But eminent geologist engaged in literary work, and last year became full member of the Union of Belarusian Writers. Genre own works he defines geological term — "melyanzh." Exactly what is it — Radim Gorki said in an interview with Misha Skoblo.
Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Rodin, and remember, when you wrote your own first literary work? NOT monograph on gealegii not report on the tectonics of the Earth’s crust, and the first literary icon?"
Radim Gorki: "It is written with youth drawn. And my first literary tests refer to the beginning of the 1960s, when I lived in Moscow. I remember writing down his observations on malehankih daughter who rode by encouraging snowdrifts … I wrote then in Russian, since 40 years he lived in Russia. And when I moved to live in Minsk, of course, returned to their own native Belarusian language. "
Scoble: "You — Academician 2-academies, PhD, Doctor, winner of municipal awards of Belarus and Russian Union. During the past year did you join the Alliance Belarusian writers. Clear that with all your regalia is not for prestige. Why?"
Gorki: "Maybe I’m uncomfortable about this read … In his own age and under the regalia, which you says I can be, and would not join in a writing group. But I was very excited, which formed a ne
w power arrogance Writers’ Union, headed by Cherginets. I certainly support the old alliance, in which were Midsummer Colas, Maksim Tank, Yanka Bryl, Vasil Bykov, our other notable writers. You could say that I joined the Alliance of Belarusian Writers’ anger at the arrogant friend. " After spending the summer in my neighbor long Time was just Cherginets. So I have thought, "Oh, you just did that, then I’ll join your alliance is not, and in fact persecuted by the authorities." I made this step shame chergintsovskogo Union and, on the contrary, support the Union of Belarusian Writers. "
Scoble: "The first compared the literature and does gealegiyu Mayakovsky. Remember?" Hassled one word for a thousand tons of verbal ore. "And it’s easier to find — of minerals or the desired word?"
Gorki: "When you write a job gealegii, it is also creative. Not so easy to write and cleverly and effectively, and to be watched scientifically seriously. But creative writing, perhaps even more difficult. Find a word that comes to people’s hearts, very hard. Maybe harder What to do discovery gealegii. "
Scoble: "You have done a lot to perpetuate the memory of brothers Gorecki: and Gabriel — his own father, and Maxim -‘s uncle. Fifteen years you did reverse Brothers Fund Gorecki. Which is his fate?"
Gorki: "Thank God, so far Fund lives and acts. This is not a commercial organization. Once a year we hold Gorecki and issue after reading scientific collection. In readings usually are participating scientists, writers, literary critics. Not so long ago passed the 15 — I’m reading. And next year the Foundation prepares to celebrate the 115th anniversary of Maxim Garetsky. "
Scoble: "Maxim Garetsky quite came to us 20 years back, when they were removed censored. And if you read this, for example, and even the story" Two Souls "or other works, illegal in the Russian time? "
Gorki: "Unfortunately, I must confess I did not read. In our house, the brother of the writer in the family, and my father Gavrilo Goretskogo not survived virtually no works. You understand complex fate of our family … So illegal earlier works Maxim Garetsky I opened together with all — in the 1980s. "
Scoble: "Who of Belarusian writers close to you as a creator?"
Gorki: "Over close to me in spirit Yanka Bryl. We were great friends, especially in recent years. His books I always read and reread with pleasure and affection. Believe that the Belarusian literature Bryl was the greatest master of words. He continued working out , adshlifovvav their miniatures, that there can not stick a second word. Well, I really like the work of Vasil Bykov. I with reverence and awe belong to the Belarusian poetry, but still more I read the prose. "
Scoble: "I can not ask for you and one" geological "issue. In time Karelia I had to build a huge lake and even swim in them. Local inhabitants were in charge, they appeared on the site of tectonic crustal faults. A powerful crust beneath Belarus? "
Gorki: "The earth’s crust under the Belarus powerful, but you can not say that it is immobile. Zemlyavzdrygi movement and there, and from time to time they reach 5-6. Because certainly when choosing a place under the responsibility of the construction (for example, under NPP) must consider seysmatektoniku Belarus. not to get on the fault, which we are also missing. nasovvanni At the 1st block to another crustal they peratsirayutstsa and appears mottled color breed — melyanzh, which in French means "mixture." And I wiggled brains that it cancel the title for my karatselek. "
Radim Gorki. Actual MELYANZH
At one point I got an appointment with one of the managers of the Presidium of the Academy of Belarus. It was a decent man and recognizable writer, member of the Supreme Council, where he held the honorary position. He was sitting in a principled position and listened indulgently. The phone rang. Heard the voice of the owner’s office suddenly jumped up on the counter, "myrrh", listened intently and occasionally replied: "Well, will be made!"He hung up, sat down and was relieved muttered:" That was the Central Committee of the PBC — the instructor. "
Most of Belarusians not only very obedient, and fear of the authorities, even if it is quite petty.
Bureau of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 1994 decided to elect notable academics. Last such election was 35 years ago. As Vice-President, who oversaw the department of chemical sciences, earth sciences and humanities department, with likely candidates because of these research areas, I had to negotiate.
Called Vasil Bykov. He asked loaf, and the subsequent day flatly refused: "I do not want not beheld from contemporary authorities, including from the Academy. Academy itself I even do not want to be noble, because it absolutely Russian. Delight I would have refused and Awards from the past, because they interfere with life. "
With Neil Gilevich held long talks because he was staggering — wanted to be noble, but a real academic. And refused to participate in the selection of the noble.
Yanka Bryl and Pimen Panchenko agreed and became the first post-Soviet respectable academics Belarus Academy of Sciences. In particular was already quite pleased with unhealthy Panchenko. We were glad that we support the spirit of the famous poet (he died a year later).
I did not so little effort, that these elections took place, because he thought they were the first step towards the unification of Belarusian intelligentsia in the way of state revival. A presence at the general meetings of the Academy of figures such as Maxim Tank, Yanka Bryl, Pimen Panchenko makes them more public, which always lacked our academy.
At the unveiling of the monument at the cemetery Ales Adamovich the Wilderness memorial service led Yanka Bryl, who first said warm, excited words of the writer. Constantly recorded speech shoot camera BT Group employees. After some time to Bryl suited man with a microphone and asks for the TV to say "a few words." "So for you to say? I just acted," — replied Ivan Antonovich. "And you repeat what had read in the cemetery." — "Excuse me, but I’m not a parrot, repeating the same thing." Evening in the "Panorama" show announcer at the monument at the grave of Ales Adamovich lists the popular writers who were present: Vasil Bykov, Ryhor Baradulin, Vanya … Moor … Here it is, "high culture" of our TV!
Head of the country all builds ice rinks. Our airport has also become as "Ice Palace". In particular, it chuvstvuesch after arrival of other European airports, public life rages. We are all frozen: the sound of an airplane hear occasionally, almost no people, and if found, then some slow. You walk through the empty huge marble halls as in ice caves … So responsive to the airport life political situation in the country.
Alla Semenova. On the terrain of poetry
Vladimir Orlov. Ferry across the English Channel. Poems. Logvinov 2006
"Enigma is not made in the form of the world, it already exists and is pulsating in it." These are the words of art critic Franz Roth, who authored the term "magical realism". And remembered the words specifically in relation to that definition. After Vladimir Orlov (talking about it) always emphasized its commitment to the American school of writing. Not only it is naturally … Even more so if it is — about poetry writer, his book of poetry "The ferry across the Channel."
Secret — something from which the writer likes to build in their own works. In some places it is the deep essence of phenomena falling within the field of artistic creator certainty, here and there — it’s actually the code that is professed as the connection to time, as a symb
olic link of the modern, self-reflection as alternation, habits ushchylnenastsi fantasies … This mystic reality in its insight and accuracy pradvyznachanastsi and unpredictability … Clash of the highest and earth, from time to time even znarokava mundane, distancing-esoteric and mundane-particular, the sublime and the ironic …
Kantrastnasts feelings-scale social and lyrically intimate … Maybe something from what was once Federico García Lorca, recalled as "dust, pepper and salt." Dust of ages, 1000 lety dust paths of travel, stardust — somewhere out there on the edge of infinity, as ironically designate Vladimir Orlov, "grayish heron eternity." And think: "Something is happening over time: get a different century prytsyagalnasts and density, and that the most dangerous begin dyfuzavats, resulting in your 1994 you would probably somewhere between the French Revolution and the stateliness of Louis Philippe …"
"Salt and pepper …" Once in a dialogue with one novelist Vladimir Orlov argued: "… this world is dominated by chaos. But I know, at least two means of dealing with the chaos and delirium: love and creativity." I think your own salvation Vladimir Orlov finds and travel, and in exercises inalienable from his work, when he reads-scroll text "on fragile sheets in folio, and" moderate volume of in quatro ", and expeditions materialized actual benefits Specifically he concretisized perception: "a couple of bottles of reddish and serving healthy cynicism" And from time to time that "healthy cynicism" that "pepper and salt" are converted to the rebels lyrical message, the logic alyagizmu in nemateryyalnasts real: the sudden "cocktail "-" champagne with dawn, from time to time with the rain. "
What is always in Orlova-writer, historian, poet — the country of Belarus. Her Freedom. And — Jan. Dame. And dream, and dreams, and a certain living creature. There seems to be distinguished? So to speak, on his own literary genealogy, it is — it is unlikely to Laura, not from Beatryche not from the brown house sonnet … "Venera Ilskaya with my teenage hallucination" — we read. Not that lyrical poems Vladimir Orlov indescribably designated zamorocheno-lascivious dreams and the beginning of his memoirs, and ascetic hermits in it, well, did not see.
Of course, he, the hero Orlova as the creator of the book, according to his testimony, close literary characters (and arhetypy) Henry Miller and Milan Kundera … As word of art in general these writers. Not only blocked. First, as evidenced by Vladimir Orlov, names of selected already Latinos: Julio Cortazar, Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez … Our — Vasil Bykov and Vladimir Karatkevich … Togo, who is now considered a classic of modern times many — Misha Bulgakov …
Artistic expression … To him with the greatest attention to treat Vladimir Orlov. Read: "Above the town of medieval engravings, comfortable tingle clouds toy spire" … And again: "The wind brings smells ravines greenish alien life, armed adlyansavanymi claws." Hear that? "Comfortably tingle clouds", "smells wary of another life." Word? But it’s not that: "Words, words, words" — "Words, words, words." Word says. And how! And we read them with a good feeling that here, where captivate their smell rosehips, or somewhere out there "on the Penn Road, where yesterday zatsvili magnolia", or anywhere else on the crossroads of the universe, between the library Skarina Strait Channel, between Polotsk and Pennsylvania, between Scotland and NAROCH — Vladimir Orlov repeats: "In this century, everywhere — a day for funny day — watch your signs, Freedom."
The terrain Terra Parens (mother earth), on the ground of Consciousness on the terrain of poetry. That subordinate as prose. With its maze endless mysteries and riddles foreboding.

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