In the message, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry vserasprostranennom, motivation deprivation accreditation journalist missing

In 1957, "Reddish change" is located on the front page of photos and text itself: "In good shape is recognizable by the Belarusian athlete Maria Itkin. Twice This year it ennobled the world record in the 400m. Good results showed Maria in the 100 meters (11.6 seconds) and 200 meters (23.8 seconds). July 6, participating in qualifying rounds to III international sports games Youth Itkin Maria ran in the metropolitan stadium "Dynamo" 400 meters in 53.6 seconds. Good result, which is a new world record! "
"The Banner of Youth" in 1967 wrote about the premiere of "The Brest Fortress" K.Malchanava in Minsk: "After the show, which was a huge success, made head of the Brest Regional Department of Culture N.Shavchuk. On behalf of the Regional Committee, Executive Committee and all the inhabitants of the town, he … Director presented a commemorative medal theater F.Zhegalavu fortress-hero. Under present applause Hero Russian Union P.Gavrylav handed capsule of the theater with the sacred ground of Brest stronghold. "
"Freedom", the year 1997. Newspaper mocks: "An illustration to implement Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus-Russia charter, where the wording of the provision recorded Belarusian side principles of freedom of expression in a denial of July 7 head ORT bureau in Minsk Pavel Sheremet accreditation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Belarus. In the message, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry vserasprostranennom the same day, the motivation Lose Accreditation missing journalist. "

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