In the process of Grodno 5

All due to the different Time wasand confiscated publications in which the KGB suspected extremist temper and wants the Tribunal led’s for sure.

Andrzej Pisalnik
previously worked as a correspondent of the Polish newspaper «Rzeczpospolita» in Moscow, at the moment he is resting at home after illness in Grodno. Two and a half year reversed Grodno customs confiscated Pisalnik when he vorachivalsya of Polish newspaper "Glos znad Niemna na uchodzstwie". At the moment this newspaper copy exists in a statement to the tribunal of the KGB.
"All this reminds some broad share, even unprecedented, because I have not heard before, so this function started KGB — says Andrzej Pisalnik. — Maybe it’s the latest attempt to make the scheme prosecution, I do not know. Indeed, the main thing — which will consequences of this civilian trial in the court. If it will only be completed liquidation of seized materials, it is one thing, but if the Tribunal will accept another solution and it is indeed the language of extremism, it will mean a criminal prosecution. "
Confiscated in Pisalnik room "Glosu znad Niemna na uchodzstwie" analyzed Andrei Pochobut, working for the Polish "Gazety Wyborczej":
"I participated issue in this room and almost signed him to print. NOT Pisalnik, and I signed up. In addition, in 2006 I detained by police in Minsk, I had three copies of this issue of the newspaper, and I was brought to administrative responsibility. Therefore, when this number will be recognized if it is extremist and opened criminal case, I will be one of the defendants in this case … Certainly, no extremism in this room no. We could not understand what they have found. Andrew was not informed of what happened specific prerequisite. I hope that the court KGB agents, who will represent the interests of the country, will tell — what did they immediately did not like it. "
Andrei Pochobut notes on the first page of this issue of the newspaper "Glos znad Niemna na uchodzstwie" sculpture of Christ that stands at the entrance to the Grodno Cathedral, is in the room article journalist Alexander Feduta there publication of unrecognized authorities Alliance of Poles led by Angelika Borys, also has an expression of Polish senators to support this public organizations.

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