In the United States prayed for Belarusian youth

"In the conditions of a totalitarian regime of violent youth of Belarus exposed a gap stretches persecution for the love of their own homeland, their own sacred state signs: white-red-white flag and emblem Chases, own native Belarusian language, — says Lina Saganovich from the U.S.. — Young people wish that corresponded to their country civilized international standards of democracy, more suffer from the dictatorship. They were beaten, put in jail. "
Prayer for the Belarusian youth in the Cathedral of St. Cyril of Turov in Brooklyn in New York City
Prayer service was held in the Belarusian and Ukrainian language. Church leader said Anatoly Kolbun our radio after Mass:
Kolbun: "The Liturgy was held not difficult to rise magically sang the chorus of people gathered much was little and young people. People gathered with feeling. Strongly many problems is the young people who struggle in Belarus — they are fired, expelled from universities, fined , put in jail … For them was a prayer. Dai, God, it’s health and many years! "
Member of the parish council of the Cathedral of St.. Cyril of Turov and one of the initiators of prayer for Belarusian youth Saganovich Nicholas says that prayer is essential and important especially at the moment when the new girl in Belarus began a wave of arrests of youth.
Saganovich: "For me, it is very significant day, a very important prayer. We know in Belarus arrests are youth. We know that young people have activated against Lukashenko’s dictatorship. Big power — prayer to God. I believe that God will not abandon young people strengthen their. As the Word says: "Do not think what to say to you even on the court, for the Holy Spirit will give you a hint, what to say. I ask God’s blessing for our Belarusian youth to fight for the independence of Belarus! "

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