In Zelva commemorated Larissa Heniyush

In Holy Trinity Church Zelva now more Grodno youth, several local residents and the choir. Around the monument Larissa Heniyush — flowers. On Thursday, she would have turned 97 years old.
Next to me — Zel’venskii activist student Eugene Skrabutan. I ask him what he feels in these minute.
Skrabutan: "I feel proud, proud that he was born in Zelva and have a countrywoman, a poet and such person. I am very glad that Zelva know in globally, that people come here to pray for Larissa Heniyush. "
The priest announced that the funeral prayer for the people’s writer will not send separately, and together with all those who are now ordered a requiem. And he added, now will read the gospel, that in difficult times for the church gave Larissa Heniyush.
In a small church — quiet, all heed and silent as the priest recites a prayer in Russian. In this sermon to the congregation, he recalled many atheists Marx and Lenin referred to them as Satanists. It was interesting to listen to it, because a few reverse hvinav I walked through the central square Zelva where there is a monument to Lenin himself.
Later, they’re organized headed to the cemetery, where he read a prayer about the monument and Larissa Jahnke Heniyush. Youth photographed next to a monument under white-red snow-white flags.
Next to me — one of the activists of the Grodno movement "For Freedom", which organized this rally, Paul Mazhejka. Here are his feelings near the grave folk poet:
Mazhejka: "Today, we think so, in public life, in politics, in our elite is not sufficient fortitude, persistence, integrity. All these had Larissa Heniyush. And because here come hunt in such a day, bowing before her head, and thereby touch the holiness and scoop up the energy that reigns in Zelva. "

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