Independence day in Minsk: Chronicle of Events

Detentions first began the first campaign, to be was held at 16 am on Independence Square. Policemen blocked the exit of the metro area. People were not allowed to go to and from the underground town.
People who were able to come to a reddish church, commandos pushed toward the street Bersana. On Independence Square in the Government House and the building of the Ministry of Education were 14 buses and 6 paddy.
A 5th night people came to Yanka Kupala monument to commemorate the poet. Planned people lay flowers and read poetry. But immediately after laying flowers commandos surrounded the participants, and later formed a "living corridor," pushed people into the streets Bogdanovich.
Unclear clear the number of detainees. People refer to different numbers — to several 10-s people. BPF Franak Vyachorka Myasnikov detained in the street and taken to the police department of the Industrial District. He found a 10 leaflets calling to participate in outdoor activities on July 27. This became the basis for charges of participation in an unsanctioned rally. Before the trial Franak Vyachorka will keep the bullpen Akrestsin Street.
In the Central district of Minsk police detained the deputy brought Party chairman BPF Ivashkevich activist "Young Front" and Lyudmila Otokulovu Meleshkevich Ghana and Yuri. Three hours later, all were released.
The police Leninsky district of Minsk took 9 people. Activist on "Young Front" Yaroslav Grischenya against which instituted criminal case for his role in an unregistered organization, the police drew up a protocol for distributing leaflets. Others were released.
Several people were taken to the police the October district. Some were released after half an hour after his arrest.
Live report from Minsk 27.07.2007
Minsk’s Independence day — photo report 27.07.2007

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