India got three prototypes FGFA FROM RUSSIA

India got three prototypes FGFA FROM RUSSIA
As reported on August 22 Flight Global, India will be the first fighter layout fifth generation FGFA, developed jointly with Russia, in 2014.
«It is planned that the first layout FGFA will arrive in India in 2014, after that, the plane will be immense aaplet tests at RAF Ozhhar. , We hope to be able to adopt these aircraft by 2022, «said Air Chief Marshal NA K Browne (NAK Browne).
It is expected that the second layout to be transferred to India in 2017, the third is due to arrive in 2019. India plans to sign an agreement with Russia on the development of this aircraft in the amount of 11 billion U.S. dollars.
India hopes that 2030 will accept 214 fighters into service of this type. As expected, the total price applets reach over U.S. $ 30 billion Indian FGFA variant will be created on the basis of Russian fighter T-50 PAK FA development company «Sukhoi».
In the current time in Russia in flight tests involving three layouts PAK FA. It is expected that soon to be joined by the fourth layout.

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