IRAN HOLDS overhaul and modernize its fleet of MiG-29 fighters

IRAN HOLDS overhaul and modernize its fleet of MiG-29 fighters
Website of the South American edition Examiner citing Iranian FARS news agency reports that the country’s air force carried out a fundamental overhaul and modernization of the fleet of MiG-29 as a reciprocal measure against potential «pre-emptive U.S. military strike.»

«Five-step» complete renovation started in February 2011 with a 2-aircraft placed at RAF Tabriz (north-west of the country). It is reported that one of the refurbished machines already made a test flight on August 4 this year.

As of January 2011 it was believed that Iran’s Air Force fighters have about 85-95 of the species. 4
MiG-29flew to Iran from Iraq recently the U.S. invasion, others were bought in Russia in the 90s (around 11 million U.S. dollars per plane).

Iranian experts at runtime Polga repair duration of 24 months mounted on
MiG-29«3 kinds of advanced electrical systems for aircraft capacity growth,» the agency said. Most
MiG-29equipped system of refueling in the air that are compatible with equipment refueling aircraft Iranian Air Force.

MiG-29 fighter resettled with 2 RD-33 turbofans, which allow rapid 2.25m (1490 miles / h). Aircraft instrument consists of one 30 mm gun GS-30-1 fighter capable of carrying external load 7720 pounds guns, including six guided missiles «air-air» (R-73, R-27 and R-77), bombs and missiles «air-surface». Fighters equipped radar H09 or N010 development office «Fazotron.»

It must be emphasized that the MiG-29, despite the «age», a very effective military aircraft, representing a huge danger to the American bombers, fighters and drones. For example, the network was placed roller as the MiG-29 shoots down a Georgian drone.

The agency also reported that in the near future Iran «reached the good progress in the aviation industry and managed to get the technical know-how for the production of aircraft and unmanned vehicles with the introduction of stealth technology.»

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