Company «Irkut» wants to put in November Russian military first two Su-30cm under the previously signed contract for 30 cars, said the CEO of the Irkutsk aviation plant (branch «Irkut») Alexander Veprev.

«November we should finish aircraft deliveries for the Ministry of Defense (first two aircraft — approx. Gaze). Machine ready, stand, «- said Veprev reporters on Tuesday,» Interfax «.

Veprev also noted that aircraft must undergo flight tests in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Defense.

As reported by the newspaper’s gaze, September 21, it became clear that the first multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm, designed for delivery of the Defence Ministry, for the first time flown by «Irkut».

In March, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and President of «Irkut» signed a contract for the supply of up to 2015 30 Su-30cm.

Multi-purpose fighter Su-30cm, designed Sukhoi, extends the range of combat aircraft Su-30MKI. These fighters, commercially available Irkutsk Aviation Plant — a subsidiary of «Irkut» successfully compete in the global market with modern combat aircraft of foreign manufacture.

Veprev also said Tuesday that the company «Irkut» awaits signing recently a 3-year contract with India for the supply of 42 combat aircraft Su-30MKI.

«I hope with a day or for a day, production ready,» — said Veprev, answering the question, when it can be concluded a new agreement with India.

September 28, the Indian media was informed that Our motherland India in November and may enter into an agreement for the supply of 40 Su-30MKI fighters, upgraded to version «Super Dry».

As reported, the delivery of this party will bring the number of Su-30MKI fighters in India to 270. Transaction price is estimated at 3.77 billion dollars. Home delivery — in 2014-2015.

In August amestitel FSMTC Director Vyacheslav Dzirkaln stated that the sides are preparing a contract to supply to India of an additional batch of 42 functional Su-30MKI fighters.

Now India have already acquired 230 Russian Su-30MKI fighters totaling 8.5 billion dollars. Of them, according to the license agreement, signed in 2000, the company should build HAL own plants before the end of 2015 140 fighters of this type. The Air Force India has already received more than 100 Su-30MKI.

Su-30MKI developed under the requirements of the Indian Air Force. Resettled plane with 2 engines AL-31FP with thrust vector control. Installed on the aircraft radar «Bars» type having a phased array antenna, provides a range of target detection at a distance of more than 120-130 km in the frontal hemisphere and more than 60 km — to the rear. Fighter can carry virtually the entire range of aircraft armament weighing up to eight tons. Range without refueling — to 3 thousand km with one refueling — to 5 thousand 200 km.

OJSC «Company» Irkut » — Vertically built a company that comes in the JSC «United Aircraft Company» and provides a full cycle of design, production, sales and after-sales service a wide range of military aircraft and civilian purpose.

The share of «Irkut» accounts for about 15% of Russian arms exports. A growing place in the production enterprises occupy programmke work on the implementation of the municipal defense order. In December 2011, the Ministry of Defence and the company «Irkut» signed a contract for the supply of 55 Russian Air Force trainer aircraft Yak-130.

«Irkut» practiced in the production of Su-30 amphibious aircraft Be-200, the company also develops the latest generation of passenger aircraft MS-21.

The main shareholder of «Irkut» is the United Aircraft Company, which owns 82.55% stake in the company.

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