Itching to reform the education lasts?

At a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers of Education Minister Alexander Radkov noted "missing funding resource support universities," lamented on outdated laboratory equipment (depreciation — more than 70%), low availability of teaching laboratory space (52%).
Associate Professor in charge of Energy Department of the Belarusian State Technical Institute:
"At the present day energy lab in the same condition as it was then, and when I was a student. 30 years ago I was trained on the same exhibits. It’s not even that naphthalene: laboratories and equipment for 50 years. "
Said Education Minister Alexander Radkov and low availability of teaching and laboratory space and brought the figure — 52%.
Past Vice-Rector of BSU Anatoly Pavlov reads as follows:
"With regard to the provision of premises — is the problem. If even 60% of paid places in the past year was BSU — number of areas do not increment, and people gathered. So it turns out there is not enough space. Circle closes in the problem of one."
For the realization of the state program requires bezmal 5 trillion rubles from the republican budget and extrabudgetary funds 72 billion. Of this amount, the restoration laboratory base schools — more than 1 trillion from the budget and extrabudgetary funds 53 billion. More than $ 3 trillion — for construction and renovation of educational buildings. According to the Prime Minister S. Sidorsky need to retreat from the Russian practice of "knock-out" funds for implementation of applets. "We need to rely not only on cheap appropriations as innovative development should not go apart from funding the innovatorskih fund companies and agencies."
Head of the Department of Science and Development Evgeny innovatorskogo Sapelkin states that just innovatorskie funds — these are the cheap funds. He such makarom explains the word premiere:
"Sidorsky meant it must use different sources of funding. First — based on motivated training, based on the orders of companies, enterprises, companies, ministries, which would invest resources in training. Enterprises, organizations simply need to finance higher education. Due to the 1st budget is impossible to do. "
Former Vice-Rector of BSU Anatoly Pavlov convinced that education must free and financed from the budget, and not shapkavats and cited the following arguments:
"Financing of the Interior Ministry, where the number of employees at least four times less than in the education system (where the number of union members only science and education — 500 thousand, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs — 100 thousand), and the funding actually monotonous. So here I wanted the emperor Sidorsky ask, and maybe it’s time to think about education, reallocate the budget, which is in favor of education, medicine, social services, and not to find funds somewhere on the side? "
Where else can take the funds for the development of a real base of education? It’s no secret that every year the number of budget places in universities is reduced, and paid — grows quickly. Solely This year for paid daytime divisions, about 40 thousand students. On some popular faculties amount payers 3-5 times greater than the number of state employees. Need a redistribution of these funds. Another source says Head of the Council of Ministers Eugene Sapelkin:
"We now orient universities, that they earned and foreign experts prepared. Should be diversification."
Project provides applets increment by the end of 2015 the number of foreign people studying in Belarus, from 6 thousand to 14 thousand. During the implementation of the programs from the export of services in education will be 119 million dollars.
Eugene Sapelkin says that while this project has not been accepted by one of the usual reason: there was no clear and precise implementation devices. In fact, was laid overhead mechanism aimed at economical means. It offers turn-based strategy:
"I would point out the core values. Had spent the first step would be money for the training and retraining of personnel associated with the introduction of new technologies. Well, imagine that we now lay 5000000000000 obtain total when? Not even after 5 years, and, God willing, through 7, 8 or even 10 years. And we have no time. We have 2-3 years to upgrade the real economy. "
While on the sidelines of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Education and other ministries and departments bureaucrats discussions are, where to get the funds to improve the material and technical base of higher education, current realities, at least, in the National Technical University — the main source of manpower for the industry of the country — such:
"Construct housing energafaku. However, already 12 years old build. Understood as follows: when the body finish building 12 floors, to provide it with modern equipment. Other words each department, any department fit in with their own profile structure. Someone went forward, someone behind. other words the only funding is very small, it is actually not. If someone on your own personal contacts breaks, there is normally, if not breaks — things are bad. "

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