Ivan Shyla was transferred from suspects accused

Criminal case against regional activists "Junior Front"KGB began. Apart Ivan Shyla, portrayed in several other people from the Minsk region and Baranovichi.
Ivan Shyla said "Freedom":
"The investigator said that I get upgraded from the status of a suspect in the status of the accused. Basically nothing unusual in this, I do not see. Soon it will end and the two-month period, which is given to the prosecutor and the investigator.

Shila: "Given the fact that Belarus lost preferences, there are no significant arguments of the European Union to influence the situation in Belarus. And there is no reason that the authorities liberalized again."

Given Belarus lost preferences, now there are no weighty arguments of the EU to act on Situation in Belarus. And no grounds that the authorities liberalized again as first summer. "
Ivan Shyla was summoned to the prosecutor’s office on July 6, so get acquainted with the materials criminal case. Whereupon matter be referred to the tribunal.
Father youth activist Ivan Shyla took his computer, 05.06.2007
Searched the apartment of the Young Ivan Shyla, 05.06.2007

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