Jaroslav Hryshchenya: Power is not aware of what happens when young people really take offense to it

Jaroslav Hryshchenya — member of an unregistered organization "Young Front". According to Yaroslav, for his opposition activities, more than 30 times detained by policemen. First sentence received May 31, 2004. In 10 cases, the young activist judicial punished with fines. Against him prosecuted for his role in an unregistered organization

Reporter: "Yaroslav against you filed criminal charges for his role in an unregistered organization. Yesterday you were summoned to the prosecutor’s office. What you said investigator?"
Hryshchenya: "The investigator talked to me like this: read the thing, young man. As for you not shameful How shameful for you not to do this, because our government is right anyway. And nothing it can not do, as Alexander G. Lukashenko — our father, our beloved, is the only person who can control this state. "
Reporter: "Indeed the investigator was told these words, that is the only person who can control our state, and that he is the most beloved man, Alexander Lukashenko?"
Hryshchenya: "Yes. What is a man beloved by all the people."
We do not consider clandestine activities
Reporter: "Follow-up question I asked earlier to other activists in your organization: it is necessary to operate openly on behalf of the" Young Front "in the current situation, if there is a criminal article for his role in an unregistered organization?"
Hryshchenya: "I believe that this article was introduced into the Criminal Code only in order to kill the" Young Front "in the killing of the youth movement, which is really strong, that can beat. And when we finish work only on behalf of the" Young Front " we lose this fight, in-2, they will plant individually.
When we cease to act on behalf of the organization, coordination and lost everything can fall apart. "
Reporter: "So you do not consider the ability of clandestine actions?"
Hryshchenya: "No, we do not consider machymastsi clandestine actions. Impossible to hide, if the truth must go ahead."
Reporter: "How are your political activities and family»?"
Hryshchenya: "Well, my family and my mother», for example, is worried. It states that, say, for what it’s for you, you will plant, dagulyaessya. Well now a criminal case, the mother says — well, daprygavsya. Father … Father is going to make a personal union. "
Reporter: "My union — where?"
Hryshchenya "Baranavichy, the factory system components and structures."
Reporter: "That is, he wants to make office-independent trade union at there at work?"
Hryshchenya: "Yes."
As well — my friend sat down for what a patriot!
Now we conducted a survey in Minsk — "as the impact on the political activity of youth repression?". Poll on Freedom Square in Minsk

Reporter: "I’m the head of department Baranavichy unregistered organization" Young Front "to comment on the poll at the Freedom Square in Minsk.
Hryshchenya: "In fact, true. Anyway, it does not push on the youth, even if the shoot, someone will stand up and we will continue to fight for his friends, brothers, relatives, and acquaintances. Planted When a loved one, friend, you know about it that he is good, then there is a desire for revenge. As well — my friend sat in jail for what he is a patriot?
In this situation, power indicates his weakness and not realize what can happen when young people really take offense at her … As the main force for the moment only the youth. "
As they are not afraid, they would shout "Long live Belarus!"
Reporter: "How, in your opinion, is due to a different world view that people are intimidated and that, if not frighten, came to the rally would not two people, and more?"
Hryshchenya: "In my opinion, this is not what is not reasonable thought. Guys who live there is, for example, friends frontovtsy — scare them, do not worry, they all the same come to this action. And will still shout "Long live Belarus! "
Reporter: "Some political commentators they say, that at the moment authorities decided to start coming to the youth activists in the regions, as there is more difficult to do some solidarity campaign than in the same Minsk. Does this, in your views? "
Hryshchenya: "It is simply different. They started to press regions because, for example, Soligorsk … If I were in place of the authorities, I would not know what I’d do with Ivan Shyla proud … Just for the activity "Young Front" in the region. Local activists do as authorities behold the, the organization has power. Decided to put the regions that can be an example to others. "
Reporter: "Yaroslav, here according to your feelings, how to relate to the activities of" Young Front "Baranovichy residents?"
Hryshchenya: "There are those who they say -" You’re on the walls of "Long live Belarus!" — This is bad. " When you ask them — what if written on the walls of offensive? Answer — "we have such mindset."
If you do something so that someone does not like, when compared to non-political situation is the same — if not political mindset is, and what What are you doing you — it’s bad "
Reporter: "A lot of anger on the part of supporters of the authorities?"
Hryshchenya: "Once I was called by one activist, who identified himself as ZhESa manage local and said — how could you, young man, how could you in my barn write" Young Front "and the phone number? I asked — and where did you get that I did it. He says to me — there’s your phone number.
They believe that to do something against the regime — it is against them personally. So people, who adore this regime, who personally believe in it, as once veryliv communism, they think that the fight against the regime against Lukashenko — this fight against them. This blindness, they blindly believe that the farmer Ivan still mow the respective size, then we all will be. "
Authorities are accustomed to the fact that they can all
Reporter: "From time to time you can hear that bad segodnyaschy power at the top, and many officials in the midst of decent people, they all understand and after, as a change of power, they would be willing to work for a democratic Belarus. That Baranavichi your opinion, is not it? "
Hryshchenya: "Well, we have a mayor Dichkovsky. We also have a private businessman sovereign Voytik. Obvious situation — as mayor of the town has permitted in the executive committee to make a night cafe? Here is full bureaucratization. Authority does nothing does not respect them, for fighting with the opposition. They byurakratyzuyutstsa so that when you bring them some paper, they require the second, third, fourth … "
Reporter: "Yaroslav, check your statements …"
Hryshchenya: "For example. You come to the city council. Speak — I need to do this and that. And they — bring paper, which specify that it is necessary for you to do. Bring, they refer to the other, after mistaking and give up. turns out that the problem is not only in the supreme power.
The problem in the fact that local authorities are accustomed to the fact that they can be do. If you do democratization of the country, but you need to change the local government. "
Reporter: "Yaroslav how you feel, who can change the power in the regions? Will the opposition educated and knowledgeable people?"
Hryshchenya: "So, that’s enough. Maybe now they do not light, and in some places are sitting at home and they say — as all bad. I believe if the regime change, and people will fail to manage."
Reporter: "Yaroslav how often you use the web browsing?"
Hryshchenya: "A couple of months back the clock — every day, because I had a computer. But later, after the search took him. ‘Cause I currently use up to 3 times a week. If you really need — often. Web may vary worldview youth because there are many websites and free disk imaging. "

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