Joseph Syaredzich: Any line in the Narodnaya Volya given blood

"Narodnaya Volya" continues to subscribe to the second half. As amended by many people of the regions.
"People’s Will" from the first reading rooms
Subscriber from Asipovichy Dubko Victor says:
"People’s Will" from the first reading rooms. Experiencing due to today’s problems — you have to come here and sign all. Always forward with great enthusiasm. Thrilled when our newspaper comes not fit. "
N.Bazyleva: "Y" People’s Will "- an aura of respect to each other
"Narodnaya Volya" doing at the moment in Minsk seventeen journalists and technical staff. Veteran creative team — corrector Nina Bazyleva:
"We have a good and strong team. Preserved aura of respect for each other. Specifically on this team holds. Koktysh Masha Eysmont work with the newspaper’s foundation."
M.Koktysh: "A piece of freedom of speech in Belarus -" Narodnaya Volya "
Koktysh journalist narrates:
"Frankly speaking, I was invited to work in the state publication. Offered a position of responsibility. But, obviously, I refused. Do not know how the current situation can work in the state press. Or" Russian Belarus, "or in the newspaper" Respublika ". There — censorship. We no censorship. A small piece of freedom of speech in Belarus — is "Narodnaya Volya".
M.Eysmant: "Journalist" Narodnaya Volya "freedom is in the works"
Their worldview Work in "Narodnaya Volya" expresses journalist Maria Eysmont:
"The most important thing, what keeps me in the "People’s Will", and on my eyes, is a big plus edition — freedom in creativity. Indeed, never descend from above, no orders, how to write, how to cover that or any other theme. Welcomes the initiatives of journalists. "
I.Seredich: "Any given blood line. Any line!"
Editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Joseph Syaredzich reads:
"Every day very devoted to the heavy combat. Each line is given blood. Any line! For three months waiting for a response from the president and his entourage to the question we are going back from Smolensk or, in general, after the Smolensk obligation will be printed in Moscow? From Moscow, maybe turn to Warsaw, from Warsaw — Berlin and so on will travel to Europe? And that in the XXI century! Here is what we are concerned about the problem, and do not give a care about the rest. "

In March 1995, the editor in chief organ of the Supreme Council "Narodnaya Gazeta" Joseph Syaredzich was deprived of his post by decree Lukashenka. At that time, "Narodnaya Gazeta" had 700 thousand copies circulation and was the mass of the Belarusian newspaper.
Joseph Syaredzich founded the independent newspaper "Narodnaya Volya", the first number is released and July 11, 1995. In twelve years, the newspaper not once carried a warning, she forbade printed in Belarus. Fines edition exceed 120 million rubles.

Independent press in subscription catalogs as before no, 29.05.2007 • Lukashenko: I do not forbid printed "Narodnaya Volya" in Belarus, 12.04.2007
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