Karen St salting U.S.» Ewart visited Grodno

Karen Stewart in communicating with Vladimir Savchenko interested: what the Grodno verbovaniya ability for foreign investment, privatization? Rising prices for energoelementy — or he reflected on the economy of the region, namely, the big gas consumers — "Ashdod"? Sovereign Savchenko assured that everything is in order, product profitability even increased, because they have learned to conserve energy and find new technologies.
Asked about the future and guest parliamentary elections. And we asked the American ambassador impressions from meetings with local representatives political parties.
Stewart: "The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the position of regional favorites after Congress incorporated Democratic Forces. And we have seen that they work together, they have further plans. We did not touch personal problems. We discussed the general development cooperation united democratic forces in the region. "
In the Executive Committee Karen Stewart saw that the Grodno good potential for tourism development. She not only liked the monuments of architecture Grodno, but also in terms of personal property, where she spent the night. Ms Stewart admitted he wishedand go back to Grodno — just walk the streets of the town.
South American side helps in the development of the Belarusian agritourism. Karen Stewart previously visited farmsteads in Leeds area. He had a four-hour sail on a raft on the Niemen, treated kebabs.
Mrs. Stewart brought films about America for the South American Corner in regional library named Kara. Foreign department libraries located in the house of the Polish writer Eliza Orzeszkowa. Ambasadartsy showed museum rooms of the famous writer. Before leaving Karen Stewart visited the church and Kaloskay about Grodno Jews memorial plaque fixed on the fence of the stadium that was built on the site of the Jewish cemetery.
Salting also visited the Parish church, museum in a new royal castle entrance to the courtyard of the castle old. She outlined what she saw places that previously read.
Trade turnover between the U.S. and Grodno region for 5 months increased by almost 70 per cent to about 19.5 million bucks. With Grodno region in America come fertilizers, synthetic fibers, optics, because the ocean — passenger cars, honey appliances, air pumps. Grodno region substantially more product sells in America (over 4.5 times) than it imports from there.

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