Korzeniowski jazz repertoire — is a hodgepodge of sounds …

On pages "Nowego Zycia" in 1927 , under the heading "From edge" can be read: "8 days of GM in Telekhany Polissya celebratory asvyashchenne rebuilt gateways and traffic on the channel opening Oginski. Min. Marachevski during his speech expressed the hope that the opening of the aqua way affects zavyazvanne and seal relations with Lithuania. "
"Star" in 1937 he writes about the concert program notes in Minsk cinemas: "The repertoire of jazz Korzeniowski — is a hodgepodge of sounds and cutting hearing noises. Absolutely vulgaryzavana perform contemporary songs, which seem to distract attention included in the repertoire. loathing cause movement and stamped vzhymki artists. especially affects performance uncivilized "dance." Suffice it to recall and "chicken Waltz" (!) or a song with words like "sponges are, run kiss" to present themselves for shoddy products of this, I may say, jazz. "
On This week in 1957 year "Fatherland" notes: "One of the most brutal and despicable ways ineffable Bolshevism is that he struggles with his aggressive popular forces in the more notable anointed representatives of individual nations, using them as a weapon voystraga achieve their own goals anti-people … So in the fight against the Belarusian government movement, the Bolsheviks did not pavstrymalisya before the introduction of the greatest fighter and ideology of this movement — Yanka Kupala. "

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