Last Su-30MK2 delivered to Uganda

Last Su-30MK2 delivered to Uganda
«Rosoboronexport» and the company «Sukhoi» put Air Uganda last two fighters included in the contract, «- said the military-diplomatic source.

He reminded Uganda purchased from the Russian Federation 6 functional fighter
Su-30MK2under a contract for the supply of arms, totaling $ 740 million

Su-30MK2 — plane with wide combat abilities destroy ground and sea targets with precision tool: guided missiles and guided aerial bombs. Fighter resettled modern avionics, new communication and navigation systems, control of equipment and crew actions.

REP equipment provides automatic target designation entered in the armament of the aircraft anti-radar missiles Kh-31P. Thanks to the installation of in-flight refueling were increased range and duration of flight.

New chassis enabled the aircraft to take off with full fuel tanks and full combat load external suspensions. Double assembly allows excellent fighter and use it for training new crews.

PS: I first loaf — «and it is something for which the new fighters?» And later googled and found that their few years ago found the oil, and soon found an acute shortage of democracy. That, apparently, and you have now purchased.

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