Latygol: If we do not keep cattle, then Die


Village Latygol by Belarusian standards — not the worst place to live and work. The local economy comes at number sixty major Belarusian SEC. Home Meet with Latygollyu in the store, I was a little surprised at the picture.
Reporter: "And if not a secret how much money getting here in the store?"
Saleswoman: "funny".
Reporter: "Three, four?"
Saleswoman: "If three, I would have slept and dnyavala here. 100 eighty."
Reporter: "And as it is possible to live?"
Saleswoman: "Well, if we do not keep cattle, then and die."
Reporter: "And as you listen to tales of prosperous Belarus?"
Merchant: "Fairy tales — they were and are. Lukashenko knows us perfectly. Pratsvitaem. Maybe where some traders pratsvitayuts. And we breathe. Then go steal."
Old Victor and Czeslaw Fifteen — a very lovely family. Grin and open. Despite all that had to endure for life. And maybe because of that.
Lavrynovych: "Oh, pagaravali, well, we all do. What’s that read. And pagaladavali. At the moment, see how people live. We do not beheld candy or sugar. Oh, all looted partisans and Germans. Nothing happened. Potatoes cooked, raw cabbage. Oh, lean ate there read. Now people are already living. Not beheld grief. "
In Western Belarus every old man his vision of events in 1939.
Lavrynovych: "Oh, they’re all wasted. Pavyvazili People. Here We Latygali pavyvazili people in Russia."
Reporter: "Russia is not adored?"
Victor: "Do not adored. We old woman said:" Behold, the great Russian were. Came and went through the winter. "
Reporter: "Did she read about the Russian in 1939?"
Victor: "They came, and went through the winter."
Reporter: "And that read as about America? "
Victor: "They were expecting anyway, the Russians will not. What all the same there will be some change. Brand new war. "
Reporter: "With the Yankees?"
Victor: "Yes."
Old William Zubkevich lives alone. Wife died, kids on campus. In his eighty-plus years is a vegetable garden and William telly.
Wilhelm "Understand that? I do not like. Why did so here, that even announcements in the Russian language? Are we not men? For it is not very like G.. That we — not civilization? I’ve never never heard abroad, the president said in a foreign language. I do not like. I seasoned the Belarusian ".
The Emperor himself is a huge supporters of William Poznyak. He voted for him in 1994. In general, it is not only one. In this environment, Pozniak then defeated by a huge margin.
Reporter: "And what would you wish for, if I had the chance, Alexander Lukashenko and Poznyak?"
Wilhelm: "Alexander Lukashenko — that he was more democratic. District committees, executive committees, directors of these — they need to drive. Indeed differently with them can not be helped. Zazhyreli these boys, as the world has not beheld. That he small number of this opposition. We same people. I think in his own way, the other in his own. "
Reporter: "And what would you wish Poznyak?"
Wilhelm: "Health, long life. Fight for Belarus."
Reporter: "Is not it time for him to return?"
Wilhelm: "Of course not. Can drop. With these little boy jokes slop. "
Dmitry Kurtsevich, strong healthy forties, works as a driver benzavozu. Work partially satisfied. Young man of forty, is not associated with the Belarusian theme masterfully uses only Belarusian language — the contact is being established immediately.
Dmitry: "I had had a situation that is one hundred percent Russian, scion of an officer of the Russian army, we were faced with him, and he began to try to Belarusian, and I took a step towards him, in Russian. Find understanding, we have no problems and there were no questions. This generation will soon be gone, which in the ’80s, the city struggled to. They are more on Russian language were targeted. To be "Ryusuke" all. "
My companion — a member of the Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Hulk." Political discontent now Dmitry tried to convert the parliamentary mandate in elections to the Supreme Soviet. Of course, lost. Yes and made some conclusions.
Dmitry: "Notice apaztsyynasts. Nearly everyone notices."
Reporter: "Apaztsyynasts born that do not pay a lot of money, or more top flight opposition?"
Dmitry, "and more than was the highest flight. And even such was the case. My friend, we met, and I beheld him in the hall. We walked out. I said hello to him, and he does not know what to say. So it struck him that the opposition said hello. Confused. "
Reporter: "These meetings gave rise to what a feeling in my soul? Hopeless?"
Dmitry: "No. No hopelessness. Hopefully. Since this meeting alive. Face to face, eye to eye."
Reporter: "How do you think the main problem of the democratic camp?"
Dmitry: "Negotiate we seem able to do. But the most important thing, that we can not dispose of excellent human resources. People abandoned. While we do not know how to do. Maybe if we learn, what will sense. People will go boldly to us. And they agree with us. "You’re talking about right, but you’re the one." We do not know how to use this resource. Constantly need to work with people, be with them. Live their lives. "
In the village I saw a real Latygol Belarusian Amazon. She is young and beautiful, famously went on a tractor — and latygolskiya men welcomed her grins and shouts. I went after her quick tractor. Amazon name Tanya.
Reporter: "You were devchenkoy school, wanted to be a tractor driver?"
Tanya: "No, I wanted to be a doctor."
Reporter: "Dream baby fell?"
Tanya: "Well, so. Can say that is not true. Well, it seems to be normal rabotaetstsa. Only just ancient machinery breaks down. To newcomer technique naturally work better."
Reporter: "The very strong economy, not the poorest. What lady bosses can not land on a new tractor?"
Tanya: "I do not know. All promise. We give, give. Yet remain unaddressed."
Reporter: "And how many get, if not a secret?"
Tanya: "Over the past month, when sown, I was 500 thousand. And in the summer, as padvozhu cows feed on average two or three hundred. Longer go."
Reporter: "Do you think a lifetime to work on the tractor or not?"
Tanya: "More on the future is not ordered. Live until a funny day. Work and everything."
In traktoristka profession has its own peculiarities.
Tanya: "In the summer — how are you going? Topic short put on. Very curious stare all the head turning. Smeshnavatyya people in the workshops there. And standing at the gas pump, you can knock tractors. Upromsya and shove."
Reporter: "In short, men are moving and fed into kyuvet seeing you in a topic on the tractor."
Tanya: "The type itself. Zaglyadayutstsa. Especially that first time I behold the. Looking interesting. Becomes just funny. And you have to twist Valery Radio Liberty?"
Wishing Tanya fortune on her difficult traktarystskim way, I left the village Latygol. With all this, I confess, made a small sin. I recommend Thani tune in "Freedom" by lying that it we will certainly put Valeria.

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