Lawyer: Opposition neutralized early

"It shows the essence of today’s beating power, its hypocrisy and heresy.’s Wild and eerie. Peaceful people gathered for a peaceful rally. They intended to draw attention to what is happening in the country. Missing people and to this day not found.
Power dida. And now apprehensive to about But people heard, because elections are approaching. Must also hold them quietly and calmly, that voters are not ignored. "
Lawyer Sergei Housha does not consider overclocking action in Minsk random. He refers to the recently produced Brest opposition official document which regulates training police, the KGB and the courts to further repression during elections to the House of Representatives:
"We pose the task of neutralizing advance people. Detain and arrest those opposition members who advocate boycotting the elections rigged against them, and so on. Once at the moment already begun implementation of this document."
Excerpt from the document entitled "The decision to provide law enforcement and road safety during the preparation and conduct of the terrain of the Brest region election to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus the fourth convocation."

preventive measures to prevent possible acts of provocation, neutralize people who are hatching plans to disrupt, disorganize the preparation and conduct of elections or perform actions to destabilize the situation in the preparation and conduct of elections, including by informal youth groups;

work with spetsaparatam, aryentavavshy it to identify those who are likely to commit illegal acts during the preparation and conduct of elections, including of unauthorized activities;

timely information on the transfer of ATC School destructive minded people railway transport;

working meetings with the chair of the court on the application by reducing the number of persons who have committed offenses, penalties in the form of administrative arrest during the election period.

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