Lebedko: Start trimming party space

On the question of women’s party has fulfilled the requirement of Justice, its managing Eskova Lena says:
"We have sent a detailed letter to the Ministry with reference to legislation. Explain that the new party status only received on July 10. We will build the Party structurally knit — without primary organizations: will only regional and Minsk city, which has not yet been made. We also added that all put on record. A whereupon Ministry of Justice are all needed documents will be served to him. "
Ms. Eskova concerned about the fate of women’s party. Attention of the Ministry she explains the increased activity of "Hope", which participated in the Congress of the democratic forces in the development of the Union of the Left parties and other opposition rallies:
"If the party behaved inactive (was such a period — missed the deadline of the congress, commit other violations), then nobody is directed attention. And when it starts a certain activity, it is the reverse reaction of the authorities and vigilance. "
One of the co-chairs of the UDF, Anatoly Lebedko, reads the situation with the opposition political parties yesterday evening discussed at a meeting of the UDF:
"We see these actions as a crusade against the opposition parties. We developed a plan of certain measures. This virtually sample resistance unconstitutional action imperative structures. Plan for official use. But I can assure you that it is very accurate.
We will also provide this dilemma for consideration by the international community. After all, the act of the authorities do not look like some single case. It can be harsh stripping political space in front election campaign the House of Representatives. "
Belarus currently officially recorded 17 political parties. The great danger for present day threatens Belarusian Ecological Party greenish (BEZ). Supreme Tribunal has declared the date of the lawsuit on its liquidation Justice — August 29.
It must be emphasized: the country has two environmental parties: BEP, registered in 1998, and the Belarusian Party "greenish", registered in 1994. The latter, headed by Oleg Gromyko, comes the coalition united democratic forces.
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