Leonid Zaika: Venezuela most needed loans

Economist, General Manager of the analytical center "Strategy" by Leonid Zaika this occasion notes:
"As for Colonel Chavez government, he, unlike the governments of civilized nations can simply dispose of the funds. But all the fact, that, as is clear, Venezuela itself needed loans. So the argument vzaem in Venezuela hangs in the air. A other countries? Here we can say only one — now no one in the whole world, so to speak, Meeting billion loan does not. "
Statement Alexander Lukashenko, that loans to pay for Russian gas even offer Western commercial banks, Leonid Zaika commented as follows:
"Private banks, banking consortium can give loans. But only guaranteed by the government or secured by real estate, the same refineries., I think they can lay. Why not?"
• In Russian gas Lukashenko borrow Chavez 02.08.2007

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