Liberty Poll: Have you for bribe?

Man: "Of course. A box of chocolates, a bottle of brandy. On March 8, the New Year be congratulated? This savagery — not to bring a gift for the moment the doctor. "
Reporter: "And given the means?"
Man: "Money is never given. Shame — give money. Especially since, todays. To more bucks or gold … "
Man: "Let means superiors. For the fact that work on the left, not fired. "
Grandma: "Previously, walked to the doctor — wore chocolate. Currently, doctors do not call because they just expect to give them more money."
Lady: "Bribes give constantly. The clinic dropper — 5 thousand. Let the doctors would not take. But take! "
Lady: "What about the bribes — I do not know. But padyachlivyya gifts had. Bribe I do not think a box of chocolates."
Lady: "I tried to give the service. And most do not have to give."
Reporter: "You occupy the highest post?"
Lady: "Yeah, pretty higher. But she did not take."
Lady: "Have, and more than once. And the means too. To solve the housing problem, gave quite a large amount — could buy a mink coat: 2700 bucks. All Others I do not consider cases of bribery. This gratitude for good deeds. Nobody even hinted renounces all, but I most wanted to do such a gesture. "
Lady: "Yes, I had. For something to take the kid to a music school. K bribes were that the baby is no hearing, no vote, received a bribe — say, Mozart’s resting.
Man: "Just small things. It can not even be called a bribe, only gratitude."
Man: "Of course, it was necessary. For little different services. Example, come to the dentist — why not give a box of chocolates or a bottle of brandy?" And do not give big — I do not have huge amounts of money. "
Man: "I think it ever gave. Variances."
Reporter: "And what amount, what numbers are prevalent? And for what? "
Man: "Most — a figure with 3 zeros. In Bucks. For what? For such a plant."
Dzyadok: "And I was not allowed, and I did not give. Do not believe it — he worked all his life in the supply chain. Bribes And no one ever gave."
Lady: "Have. Candy gave brandy into a symbol of gratitude. "
Man: "I do not have to give."
Lady: "Come on, of course, if the teeth are put. It is now necessary to put new. And — again to give. "

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