Liberty Poll: Should in Russia to take credit for gas?

Man: "Of course, it is better to do without credits, but if the situation dictates that you need to take out a loan, then, I believe, nothing terrible about it. Plenty of living on credit."
Guy: "I think it’s worthless. Better internal reserves we took these funds. Especially since, that the state has the money. Since many projects developed at the present time, the social, and the most diverse, and all they say that a large increase in the economy. So that means for the gas we would have given and so. "
Man: "Interest has to pay — it’s stupidity, of course."
Correspondent "" Credit at 12% per annum — a lucrative Belarus credit? "
Man: "I believe that this is absolutely not profitable loan and need to abandon it."
Man: "We could learn a long time ago so called Other resources related to wind, water, and not pabiratstsa in Russia, almost on his knees crawling. I think this is another stupidity, and it will drive us into another swamp in another bondage and dependence on Russia. "
Lady: "I’m not interested in politics. And even more so economy. "
Woman: "Naturally, we would like, so we were given the gift of gas, and for that we did not pay anything. But we must live in the real world where all you have to pay, and pay a lot. Because credit is worth taking."
Lady: "If we have a choice, and there are other options, you need to see them. If we no options, the choice is left, and we have to go for it, like any shame. "
Woman: "It is not necessary, since gas prices grow, and interest on the loan, too. "
Man: "Stupidity — in Russia to borrow and she is taking."
Woman: "No, not worth it. Generally, contact with Russian insecure at the moment. Tense case we have it."
Lady: "I think it is worth to take the credit. We do not forgive, in the end. In other words, they are interested, so we were on their side, because our homeland will always be forgive us. "

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