Libya released the funds for Bulgarian doctors

Basis for release of the Bulgarian nurses and medical doctors was a deal between the Libyan authorities and the European Union. Saturated negotiations between Tripoli and Brussels continued for several weeks. In soon their participated French president’s wife Cecilia Sarkozy and foreign affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.
European Commission President Manuel Barroso referred Zhuze homecoming and freeing nurses and doctors "success for the European Union", a decision that likely made the full normalization of relations between Libya and the European Union:
"I assured the Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi in our desire to normalize relations between the upcoming EU and Libya, and said to him that wedo everything likely to do so, because we believe that it is in the interest of Libya, and in the interests of Europe, and it is necessary for the best relations between Europe and the Arab Islamic world. "
According to Barroso, the agreement provides for assistance to Tripoli Libya in improving medical care babies infected with HIV. It is the details and terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said that neither France nor the European Union have not paid any money for the liberation of Libya, the Bulgarian people, and that he would personally pay a visit to Tripoli on July 25 with a view to assist this country "Back into the world community."
These words Sarkozy crawl statements made Libyan representatives week back. Lawyer seven» ad AIDS infected kids reported that they received monetary compensation of 460 million dollars — one million and every family».
Funds came from the Foundation of the International Bengazi, a non-profit organization, made in 2006 to assist in the development of the structure of this honey Libyan town in what happened and AIDS Infection with kids. Foundation funded by the EU, the U.S., Bulgaria, Libya, Britain and stateliness.
Specifically, after we have received seven» and infected kids signed a declaration in which they shall be removed from the requirements of the death penalty for Bulgarian doctors. This foundation gave the Supreme Judicial Council of Libya to change a death sentence to perpetual imprisonment.
International experts have concluded that AIDS infection kids accomplished before the clinic came Bengazi Bulgarian doctors, and was the result of bad health criteria in the clinic.
Several years ago Libya itself, by means unable to resolve the dispute regarding the plane crash over Britain, to which had the ratio of its citizens — Libya has paid 10 million dollars to each family» and passenger fatalities.

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