Lidchukov congress delegates visited the graves of the Polish Home Army soldier

We came to Surkont and found that the bus can not drive to the tombs, and even doubted worth to go there because it is very muddy road and rain goes, but all are still some members of the Congress decided to go to the graves of the Polish Home Army soldier.
Here we are on the spot: the stone wall, a monument with a cross and another — on the left side monotonous concrete cross fighter written — "unknown soldier". x several 10-s. There are also separate families — Czeslaw Marshal Henrik Zhuravskii (aliases marabouts, Zhurov), Jerzy Kalyatsinski (alias cosine).
Delegates to the Congress discussions are death soldier of the Home Army in Surkont:
Man: "Matthew Kalinkevich (alias Kotvich) do not want your village burned to the residents. The house stood at the house … "
2nd man: "There wasand two "tsihatsemnyya", some of them — the commander of the 27th squadron of lancers. "
Here remembered that killed two "tsihatsemnyya." This parachutists who threw from the UK. The monument — a board, written in Polish: "Soldiers of the Home Army who died in Poland under Surkont August 21, 1944 and August 19, 1944 Paddubichah th."
Semyantovski: "Lithuanians Peles saw that it dasvetstsi Polish Army. Denunciation of Peles ranked Raduń and Russian divisions stormed Kotvich with fighters here in Surkont."
His memoirs said Boleslaw Semyantkovski, member of the Home Army, Colonel, his nickname was — Dark.
The congress delegates were surprised by the fact that around the cemetery soldier of the Home Army and seeded rye no trails. By the way, a few hundred meters from the cemetery in Surkont stands a church in the village of Peles, where, as noted, the Mass takes place in the Lithuanian language.
We talk with Alexander Pegs, which is the organizer of the Congress:
Pegs: "We have a languid one organizational problem is to register our guests with the police."
Reporter: "Now new rules for registration of foreigners."
Pegs: "Sorry, complete the four questionnaires on Russian language — for each — it asks the time. And we also have a programm, because people did not come in order to fill out these forms … "

Congress organizer lidchukov Alexander Pegs
At the cemetery, the Home Army soldier in Surkont
At the cemetery, the Home Army soldier in Surkont

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