Lithuania: the case for the extradition of fugitive Belarus postponed

37-year-old Alexander Jankowski was arrested on the Polish-Lithuanian border. He has Belarusian citizenship and residence permit in Belgium, where he requested political cover. Jankowski case for political asylum in Belgium while not solved.
In This year Alexander Jankowski seeking political shelter in Lithuania, but Lithuania refused him on the grounds that Jankowski already has a permit for a fixed residence in Belgium. With all of this migration department of Lithuanian Belarusian citizen a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.
As reported by the Lithuanian press, Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus A.Ivanovsky in a statement to the Prosecutor of Lithuania argues that Tipo 29 May 1999 in the Slovak town of loopholes Yankovsky together with his accomplices attacked employees massage salon, beat them, threatened them with a knife and sought funds . In a statement from Belarus reported that Oleg Jankowski was arrested by Slovak police, but immediately released. Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus A.Ivanovsky Lithuanian prosecutors also said that Yankovsky September 2, 2001 in Astravets Restaurant "Belarus" attacked 2-guests and knocked them.
In 2002, Oleg Jankowski was wanted in Belarus, but while he was hiding in Lithuania, and in August 2002, asked for political refuge in Belgium.
Z.Pimenav: "Those who led the case against Yankovsky, he now sits in the slammer"
Chairman of the Belarusian-European association of Belgium Dmitry Pimenov told us that this is not the first case when the Belarusian authorities to start criminal proceedings against the Belarusian political refugees from Belgium.
Pimenov views on the political motivation of the case against Jankowski yavna:
"I think this is specifically because of his political activities. Regarding that it was a criminal case, I vyznat follow: this case falsified. The man, Jankowski who served on the tribunal, withdid it under duress, it made the police pressure. Already have a receipt, that whoever filed for Jankowski to a tribunal has no claims. And the one who led the case against Jankowski seven or five years ago, he now sits in jail. "
Previously Alexander Jankowski no trips to Vilnius — to his sister’s own mother, who lives there, also in connection with their work — but so far no one is detained, says Dmitry Pimenov. General Prosecutor’s Office of Lithuania on This time in response to a request from Belarus appealed to the Vilnius Regional Tribunal to extradite Jankowski.
At trial, Alexander Jankowski said that his in Belarus for political activities often detained and beaten mercilessly police that he threatened to "loss of health and freedom" if he will continue to support the CCP BPF.
Alexander Jankowski extradition delayed
Now more information portal Baltic States DELFI spokeswoman quoted Prosecutor General of Lithuania. She highlighted that Alexander Jankowski is charged in criminal, not political sins: "We have long been cooperating with Belarus and hitherto had no reason to hesitate in competence Belarusian colleagues."
Now Vilnius Regional Tribunal, which considered the issue of extradition of Alexander Jankowski decided again refer to Belgium and learn decided the case on its asylum.
Alexander Jankowski released, but he took the documents.
Members of the Belarusian-European association of Belgium has been asked to release Jankowski Lithuanian Embassy in Vilnius Regional Tribunal. Belarusians Belgium will organize protests in front of the Lithuanian embassy in this case, if the Vilnius District Tribunal decides the question of extradition Jankowski positive.
Meanwhile Belgium plans tomorrow Belarusians picket to protest against arrests in Belarus Sevyarinets Paul and the Young.

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