Live Freedom: Hodanovich launches Durkee

Andrew Khadanovich — poet, translator and literary critic. Translates from British, French, Polish and Ukrainian languages. Books created "Old Poems," "Letters from under a blanket", "Compatriots, or Belarusian Limerick», «From Belarus with Love», «Hundred li100v on». Teaches foreign (French) literature at the philological faculty of BSU. Also teaches at the Lyceum Kolasa and the Belarusian Collegium. Engaged in intellectual games like "What? Where? When? . " Lives in Minsk.
August 31 speech Andrew Hodanovich expired in Brno festival "Month copyright reading" dedicated to This year Belarus.
"I’ve always had a naive, maybe a bit anachronistic faith in words assembled in a certain decent order in their ability to influence anything in the world, where is the place for words is becoming less and less. I’m curious as to whether the literature poetry as before on» voedinyzhdy connect people, regardless of differences in language they use, can the poetry as before successfully overcome these bar» ers, capable of perfectly organized month Festival to change something about the Czechs to the Belarusian culture. think about us backwards month they knew enough not a lot, I’m curious: they began to know more, and most importantly — they hunt to find out more? "

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