Live report from Minsk: Liabedzka detained and Franak Vyachorka Ivashkevicha released

19:05 Ivashkevich and everyone who was arrested together with him and was in Tsentarlnym police department released.
18:15 detained deputy BPF Viktor Ivashkevich said in a telephone conversation our Radio of the Central police station:
Ivashkevich: "I’m currently in the Central police station in a movie theater with 100 seats. We sit here four: I, a member of the BPF Milishkevich Yuri, his wife Anna and Ludmila Milishkevich Atakulava of" Young Front. "With us security — two police sergeant.
We were detained near the hotel "Minsk", as we walked to church Reddish, put into a police bus, where people were sitting with a cordon of the Central police station. When completed the cordon, the team went to the police department own and they put us in this room, and I realized then uttered hold an hour or two later and let go, so now at their disposal, "not to plant," so we were uttered. "
18:00 Love Luneva reports that street action almost finished. From the street from Bogdanovich» leaving police wagons.
17:45 Viktor Ivashkevich on the phone said that next to him on the bus is a few 10’s of detainees. Among them many members of the "Young Front".
17:30 Detained Deputy Chairman Viktor Ivashkevich BPF. He said that for the previously detained several 10’s of people. Youth activist Franak Vyachorka kept in the police department of the Industrial District. Participants remain on the corner of Yanka Kupala and Bogdanovich.
17:17 SWAT police forced people from the monument to Yanka Kupala street Bogdanovich.
17:03 Soldiers SWAT police try to oust people from Yanka Kupala. There were about 50 people. They laid flowers at the monument. Nicholas Statkevich tried to give a speech, but riot police prevented him.
17:00 Gathered in Yanka Kupala Park sing patriotic songs.

16:50 Youth activist Franak Vyachorka said that he was watching. At this point, the line went dead.
16:35 on October Square policemen inspect the documents at young people, which are fastened badges "For Freedom." Policemen prevent people move toward Yanka Kupala.
16:29 The action involved about forty people. People are moving down the street toward the center Nyamiha Minsk.
16:15 People are pushed into the street Myasnikov. Formal action is timed to the anniversary of the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence on July 27, 1990. Was expected to meet with members of the 12th convocation, who perceived the declaration.
16:11 Police squeezes a small group of people that came to the area, from Reddish House for church government.
16:05 6 paddy stand outside Myasnikov. Policemen selectively not allowed passers-by area: clarify that, allegedly, there spetsmerapryemstva.
16:00 Detained UCP chairman Anatoly Liabedzka.
At 15:55 Sq. Independence many people in civilian clothes who inspect at passers young age bags and papers.
15:52 Exit the subway at the Independence Square is blocked by the police. Transmitted through a loudspeaker, it is a temporary measure.

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