Lukashenko does not make us slaves RF different Chubais and Deripaska …

The main theme of the last week — a new "gas" crisis in Russian-Belarusian relations. After, Belarus as fit again refused to pay for the consumed fuel, Russian monopolist "Gazprom" has threatened almost halve gas supplies. Ultimatums, mutual accusations and scandalous statements by representatives of that not so long ago, allegedly, built the Federal Government, — the theme of some electric letters on "Freedom."
"That ended Belarusian economic magic — says Vadim us Bolotoff of Grodno. — When you look Belarusian television, it seems that we have here — milk and honey. Unprecedented economic growth, rich harvests, large salaries and pensions. Turns same fit to pay for gas, even at bargain prices — a big problem. So what is all the same for the rise of such, when we can not pay for what we buy?
And in general, what is happening in our economy and threatening something bad, sees everyone who lives here. Prices — distraught, they are significantly higher than in neighboring countries. Wages and pensions virtually frozen, and their increase at least by a percentage based on inflation, the authorities did not listen to wishes. Everyone expects that soon will be even worse. "
Another look at the Belarusian-Russian conflict in our listeners Paul Hare from Borisov:
"Even the most ardent detractors Lukashenko must admit: he ability to last defended the interests of Belarus, did everything likely to not pay for Russian gas possible longer. Did not he himself tried? Do not worry, the president’s residence will be warm at all prices for gas. And oh so will pay for heat in their own homes, we will grow when the bills in half?
Lukashenko to worry about this. And for that, people appreciate it. A worthless satisfaction opposition makes conscientious people just hate. In fact, they rejoice Our homeland that tries to put all of us on our knees, kill and capture our economy and make us all slaves different Chubais and Deripaska. "
Indeed, sire Hare, Belarusian authorities sought longer possible not to pay for Russian gas delivered. But can it be considered unfair and RF requirements expansionist attempt to put Belarus on the knees? "Gazprom" also claimed the funds that Belarus must pay, in accordance with the contract for the delivered and consumed Belarus gas. And this despite the fact that the price of gas for Belarus as before is significantly lower than for other foreign customers.
Naturally, Alexander Lukashenko, his ardent attempts as much as possible not to pay for longer consumed ultimately defended pocket of the Belarusian people. But how this story affected the reputation of Belarus in the world, its style as a decent and reliable partner?
Yuri Novitsky from Minsk in a letter to "Freedom" talks about how can it be considered the Belarusian Orthodox Church, which operates in the country. According to the views of the listener, the right to such a title Exarchate of Russian Orthodox Church has not. And to get it, you need to perform a number of criteria. Yuri Novitsky calls some of them:
"The Church must recognize the classic Belarusian religions the right to equality before God and the law, refusing to pocket" priority "- return pocketed temples, some of which was against the will generally taken from other faiths — to finish the construction of temples with Asian architecture is not typical Belarus — to preach and lead worship on whiteRussian language— Not to seek alms in stores, subways and other public (secular) places — suspend zrastanne with the state — not to pursue their own servants, if they stand for freedom of conscience — to become politically and economically independent of Moscow (in other words — autocephalous) .
A is best, united with the main wave of Christian — Roman Catholicism back to the Uniate Church, as it was before the Russian occupation (and even some time on it). "
Hard to imagine, sire Novitsky that the current Belarusian Exarchate there may be influential clerics who are capable of such katigorichnye revolutionary reforms in the orthodox and not prone to reform the structure. And even more so indescribably looks possibility of revolutionary change in the church against the current political situation in the state in which Belarusians highest official called "Russian property with a sign."
Large list of various questions sent in his own letter to the "Freedom" from the village of Peter Kasneryk Peranosiny Baranovichi district. For example, the listener asks:
"The Communist kalyakintsy on its own congress adopted a resolution on the celebration of the 90th anniversary of" Lofty October Socialist Revolution. "Curiously, join them other parties included in the opposition coalition?".
Acceded. And unlikely to join. Not only you, sire Kasneryk — many believe the alliance of left and right parties (almost ideological antagonists), which was formed in Belarus, unnatural. But such conditions are put in the state all opposition forces (regardless of orientation) that is required to create temporary alliances. At least in order to survive.
And the next question from Peter Kasneryka:
"Why in Russian Vasil Bykov time received a Hero of Socialist Labor, and even Socrates Janowicz not deserve medals? List all services sufferer Bykov acquired in Russian time."
Can be counted, sire Kasneryk. And the list will begin with the awards, which brought on his own tunic war lieutenant, regimental commander of the platoon, and later the Army artillery Vasily Bykov — with the medal "For Courage" of the orders of the Red Star and the Russian war …
After the war, he started to write the ugly truth that the beheld and experienced at the front, were initially not awards and prizes, as well — vicious attacks of criticism, accusations of denigration Russian authorities. Vasil Bykov and no official awards and ganaravannyav only through its nationwide talent became recognized and respected writer. And only after power, compulsory considered that fact already happened, showered him with merit.
He did not ask for the awards. Well, they are not very valued. And stayed true to his principles, even when in the midst of 90 for it all began anew — and dismissive attitude of the authorities, and harassment in the state press, and a ban on the release of new products …
About Vasily Bykov personality and its role in Belarusian literature and history — the next letter in our mail. Its creator — a war veteran, chairman of the Grodno City Veterans Association, Associate Professor Nikolai Melnikov. A listener writes:
"Very well, that first summer on" Freedom "again could hear the voice of Vasil Bykov — you repeated applets with his role. All Belarusians should listen to the words majestic writer, a fighter, a prophet. I think it would be great, if you with the name of the majestic offspring Belarusian land bound activities of the museum of Vasil Bykov, who did participants in the war and labor veterans. Send us a draft drawn up by the museum — use. Also, with the ability to help make the library literature museum. We should be grateful. "
Note that efforts specifically sovereign Melnikov and his friends, without the help of the authorities, in 2003, the year in Grodno was created by Vasil Bykov Museum, which is located in a small room in the office of the public association.
Thanks to you, sire Melnikov, for committing a very principled case for society. In your library museum send several copies of the book "Bulls on" Freedom "and an audio CD with works that read writer in the air our radio.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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