Lukashenko: opposition is already preparing for the second tent Maidan

"Electoral authorities had to put it mildly, a close eye on some omissions in the design documents as candidates for election in order to able to take the role of the number of candidates is very probable," — said Lukashenko, Speaking at a meeting on elections.
"More" blind eye "to the attacks on candidates so called opposition, that they did not run and did not lament that they are not registered, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.
"Wedid everything, that the electoral process was open, fair and democratic ", — assured Mr. Lukashenko.
By him, Belarusian authorities have made "unprecedented openness conditions of this campaign, inviting everyone to actually monitor the elections," Interfax reported.
He added that today in Belarus accredited more than 400 international observers. "This figure will increase to Sunday 2.5 times," — said Alexander Lukashenko.
"We will not tolerate any mess — neither in Minsk or in other towns. Although this lack of strength may be only in Minsk, to make showing off" power rots "and so on "- Said Alexander Lukashenko.
"The elections have not yet begun, but the opposition has threatened to boycott and collects tents for organizing the second" Maidan "at the time, as the polls closed. More results will not, and they are willing to arrange something like Ukrainian version" — outraged the head countries, BelTA informs.
"They do not know how to cover up their weakness and do not defame before the world their low prestige in own country, "He added.
"We and so we dance to the tune of observers," — said the head of the country.

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