Lukashenko said the failings for which stripped Stepan Sukhorenko.Emphasizing

In KGB held a meeting at which Alexander Lukashenko presented as the new chairman of the KGB Maj. Gen. Yuri Zhadobin, former head of the presidential guard.
Speaking to members of the staff of the KGB President of Belarus criticized the former KGB office:
"In the near future was a tendency to fall of organization and discipline, and to lower the level in all aspects of the KGB. In some sorts of occasions this has led to open failures."
Which failures read Alexander Lukashenko?
The meeting did not allow journalists-independent publications. Judging from reports Interfax news agency, the head of Belarus read about the "protection" of commercial structures and hiding disk imaging on corruption indignant employment in the KGB on dating and the inability to keep secrets.
The new chairman of the KGB Lukashenko claimed "a year to clean Committee from those who stayed too long." Indirectly Alexander Lukashenko confirmed the story of the conflict with the former KGB control of the Interior Ministry and the National Audit Office, which reported non-state media.
"Already on certain websites on the web, various media yellowish procrastinate facts your illegal activities. This applies to the chairman Dyarzhkanrolyu Zenon Lomat both. I think within criminal case Attorney General, today the KGB and MVD times; taken, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.
Recall, on the Web and on the days of the independent media voiced version that Tipo KGB organized in Mogilev attack on the National Audit Office Chairman Zenon Lomat. It was reported that under the guise of police officers beat him Tipo KGB.
Prosecutor’s office confirmed that the attack was being investigated and, but who beat the chairman of the State control, not told. Earlier on the detention of senior police officers of the KGB and the contrary — the arrests by police officers of the KGB — i municipal media reported.
At the official level always says that there is no conflict between the security forces do not — there’s just "get rid of dishonest employees."
But she found proof version that Alexander Lukashenko took Stepan Sukharenko for "untimely" scandal surrounding Polish spies. Head of State thanked the scouts for "this beautiful work", but referred to her all "glimpse".
Recall, some observers felt that the spy scandal undermine efforts to restore business with the West — it is the Belarusian regime soon putting a lot of effort.
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