Lukashenko threatened termination West dialogue

"If we are in This time elections will be "undemocratic", we will stop them all sorts of discussions, "- said Alexander Lukashenko on Saturday in response to the question of "Interfax-West".
"I’ve read in an interview with the Westerners: we hold these elections are not just in accordance with the Constitution and our laws," Lukashenko sends word learned. "We very often violate the law and conduct elections according to the ideas of the West and the United States" — complements Interfax.
"Let’s see how they react," — he said the idea further. "This unprecedented elections according to the rules of the West."
Not bypassed Lukashenko and his political enemies:
"As for him [apazytsyanera] vote, when he constantly rolls drums on this authority?" — Said Head of State and added that "we have the opposition at an arithmetic error."
He also said that "we screamers are not needed in parliament, and people need constructive":
"We’ve already been through this. Parliament Remember my convocation, in which from time to time even had to strike the deputies to disperse. Have them stand out on their hands and take back the machines to spouses."
Continuing the theme of the opposition, Head of State saw: "They are all — the unemployed." "How can he overcome as for unemployed people can vote?".
"So do not need to think that the opposition is very explode. Maybe it would be great, if anyone of them beat, but it decides to people."
Lukashenko saw that "these elections are organized as ever," and added: "Praise the Lord, that the elections go quietly. This states that, that our society is healthy and people trust this government. "

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